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'Smash Run' Mode Introduced as Exclusive for Super Smash Bros. 3DS

Posted by Tim Latshaw

Picking up a few things before the fight

A rush for customization items and power-ups will be the highlight of a new multiplayer mode exclusive to Super Smash Bros. 3DS, series creator Masahiro Sakurai revealed in the Smash Bros. Nintendo Direct.

"Smash Run" will give up to four players 5 minutes to simultaneously scramble through a mish-mash dungeon in search of tokens to boost their fighter's stats. These power-ups can boost speed, jumping ability, normal attack power, special attack power, and throwing power. Once time is up, players will face off in a standard brawl.

Along the way, players will face a menagerie of enemies from Smash Bros.' represented series. A different arrangement of baddies will appear each time, and additional events may augment the mode in ways such as maximizing fighters' jumps from the outset or sending volleys of Bullet Bills after them. Players can also equip themselves with items before heading into the fray.

Fans of Kirby Air Ride may feel reminiscent of that game's City Trial mode when playing Smash Run. Sakurai noted that he was directly inspired by that particular mode from the past:

I created that game a while ago, and thought I'd unearth a piece of it and use it in Smash Bros.

Smash Run looks set to add a unique, frenetic aspect to Smash Bros. multiplayer mode. Do you see yourself becoming a fan of its smash and grab style of play?

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ZeroxGT said:

Seems like the 3DS is getting some nice content,.. anywho this looks like a fun idea to use... hope many will play it as much as I will



iphys said:

I get bored just fighting with a friend, so I think this will make things more interesting.



User1988 said:

I'm super excited about this. I was hoping they'd announce something for this game that made it more than just a fighter. To me, this little bit of platforming/dungeon crawling dash is exactly what the game needed!



Dpullam said:

This new mode sounds awesome, and it would break up the monotonous nature of just fighting all the time. I'm even more eager to try out the Nintendo 3DS version now though I imagine the Wii U version will have its own special features/modes.



mostro328 said:

This looks cool going to be a great game....I wonder what type of mode they have for WiiU



ekreig said:

This may have been my favorite announcement. The big stages look really fun to run around in.



Dpishere said:

This mode actually looks pretty fun! I do wonder if you can play with a friend versus the ai and if that is the case it would be superb! That being said I hope the classic stage-based mode from previous entries will make a return as well, since I put quite a bit of play time in those too!



NintyMan said:

The fact that you fight actual Nintendo enemies in this adventure mode more than in the Subspace Emissary with all those weird, original enemies makes this far better than Melee's adventure mode and a rival to Subspace Emissary even without cutscenes. Now I'm just curious to see how big it is and what other Nintendo enemies there are to fight.

The biggest thing that made me excited, though, is seeing Kremlings as some of the enemies. That's a strong hint at the possibility at KIng K. Rool's return.



unrandomsam said:

I hope I can play this in some way single player. (Otherwise don't think I will get to play it that much). Think it was stated as specific local multiplayer only though.



mystman12 said:

I just came back from playing City Trial with my sister. After seeing that I just HAD to play some! City Trial is my most favorite multiplayer game of all time, and I've been wanting a sequel for a LONG time! I am so excited for this!



Retro_on_theGo said:

This is such a great idea, now I have to get this version. Really hope the Wii U gets it's own exclusive mode.



ikki5 said:

curious to see what the Wii U will get for a gamemode. Probably will be revealed at E3



K-Gamer said:

The online mode appears to have much improved. Will now buy this and Wii U version.



AlternateButtons said:

I love how Sakurai always lets the Kirby series influence the Smash games. They always bring some really interesting aspects to the game.



Emaan said:

The moment I thought this I thought "This is so Sakurai! This is City Trial from Kirby Air Ride" I love the idea.

I'm really happy to see they are making efforts to differentiate the two versions of the game rather than just having the 3DS version be a lesser after-thought.



Vrael said:

This is awesome. In my opinion the best thing in the direct maybe rivaled by the better online.



Ralizah said:

This looks like it's going to be a really awesome mode. I'm extremely excited for this game.



rylo151 said:

I'm a bit sad this mode won't be in the wii u version, this looks really fun but I don't want to play this game on a 3ds at all.



Just_Ethan said:

I love the design of the level. It looks like some huge, crazy adventure!

And also, I hope Sakurai realizes that they could use the Lawnmower from the Hammer Tour in New Leaf an Animal Crossing enemy. XD



Just_Ethan said:

I love the design of the level. It looks like some huge, crazy adventure!

And also, I hope Sakurai realizes that they could use the Lawnmower from the Hammer Tour in New Leaf an Animal Crossing enemy. XD



Starwolf_UK said:

Reminds me of a MOBA in the whole preparation aspect of it. Seems a bit odd for a portable. Then again, matches are going to at most 8 or 9 minutes.



LtAldoRaine said:

It's pretty interesting, but I can't see myself playing that often. Still, I'm glad it's there, and I'll definitely try it out.



SphericalCrusher said:

This is awesome! I was giddy as can be when I saw the kremlings in there! I am hoping this has Download Play functionality, as it would be good when our family drives down from out of town. (All my nieces and nephews have a 3DS). This mode looks extremely fun and unique!



MrMario02 said:

NOTE: All powerup stat increases cap at 1000.
BUT if u r playing as goku your stats will always be...

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