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Video: Allow This Epic Swords & Soldiers II Trailer To Pillage Your Eyeballs

Posted by Damien McFerran

Shaping up to be quite a (Viking) saga

We recently revealed that Swords & Soldiers II is bound for the Wii U eShop, and today we can show you the first full trailer for the game, which comes complete with gameplay footage, a booming soundtrack and electrocuted livestock.

You can watch the full trailer below — be sure to let us know what you think afterwards by leaving a comment.

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rjejr said:

I think YEAH and I havent even seen the video yet. The first is one of my all time favorite games. Well favorite downloadable $10 indie mini casual game, whatever you want to label it.



player310 said:

Looks great, I really enjoyed the original. I wonder if the Aztecs and Chinese are also coming back?



BigH88 said:

I dont care how much this is I will buy day one. I loved the first one so much. Can't wait!!!



sgotsch said:

Great music.

I found the first game to hard and rage quitted at some point very early in the game. I really liked the gameplay, but it was to challenging for my patience back then. ^^



erv said:

I loved the first. I'm hoping for online multiplayer and two player multiplayer with one on the gamepad. Preferably combined



DiscoGentleman said:

Omg! Day one DL for me. The boyf and I will be playing this nonstop, surely. Reminds me of castle crashers (I think that's what its called) but more diverse. Also hoping for online play.



Spoony_Tech said:

That was epic!! Looks even better then ever!! My son really got into the last one as well so this will be a day one buy for my!



dumedum said:

Insta download for Swords and Soldiers II. The WiiWare game was so much fun and so much respect for actually bringing a sequel to Wii U first. Incredible stuff from them, well done.



Monkeh said:

So getting this! Already loved the first one's art-style, but this looks even more amazing!



Henmii said:

Haven't played the original, but this looks good! And lol at the ending: If you wondered, its dutch!!



EverythingAmiibo said:

HUGE fan of the first one, this is looking great!! Though the change in art style and comedy gives off an awesomenaughts clone feel.



Emblem said:

People need to show this game major support, its a Wii U exclusive (no doubt timed).



Kirk said:

They should make a version of this that isn't a strategy game, or whatever genre it is considered if not that, and is just a straight up action game instead. I mean all the art looks amazing and as just a pure action beat em up I think it would be even more appealing and just more fun.

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