We recently reported on the Kickstarter campaign for ReVeN,a 2D shooter/platformer inspired by classics like Metroid and aiming for a release on Wii U. With its alien landscapes and gargantuan bosses it seems like the ideal choice for anyone waiting on Samus to return, and as of today it has been successfully funded.

It will be coming to the Wii U eShop on release alongside PC, Mac and Linux platforms, but there's still plenty of time left for interested readers to contribute and add more features. At the time of writing, an 'early bird' deal will guarantee you a digital copy for $10, and a few interesting stretch goals are definitely within reach.

For Wii U owners, a goal of $100,000 will probably stand out among the rest, as reaching that target will result in an improved version of ReVeN, fully optimised for the GamePad.

The game will be a basic port over to the Wii U, but if we reach this goal we will be able to hire a programmer to help us make the game fully utilize the Wii U's Features and Controller as well as help polish the game even further with a second programmer.

Further stretch goals will improve graphics, sound and port the game to Sony platforms, but they're substantially higher than an optimistically achievable $100,000. If this looks like a title you'd pick up on Wii U then you can check out the campaign for full details, which at the time of writing still has 17 days to go.