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ReVeN's Kickstarter is Funded, With GamePad Features Available as a Stretch Goal

Posted by Conor McMahon

Still a few upgrades left to collect

We recently reported on the Kickstarter campaign for ReVeN,a 2D shooter/platformer inspired by classics like Metroid and aiming for a release on Wii U. With its alien landscapes and gargantuan bosses it seems like the ideal choice for anyone waiting on Samus to return, and as of today it has been successfully funded.

It will be coming to the Wii U eShop on release alongside PC, Mac and Linux platforms, but there's still plenty of time left for interested readers to contribute and add more features. At the time of writing, an 'early bird' deal will guarantee you a digital copy for $10, and a few interesting stretch goals are definitely within reach.

For Wii U owners, a goal of $100,000 will probably stand out among the rest, as reaching that target will result in an improved version of ReVeN, fully optimised for the GamePad.

The game will be a basic port over to the Wii U, but if we reach this goal we will be able to hire a programmer to help us make the game fully utilize the Wii U's Features and Controller as well as help polish the game even further with a second programmer.

Further stretch goals will improve graphics, sound and port the game to Sony platforms, but they're substantially higher than an optimistically achievable $100,000. If this looks like a title you'd pick up on Wii U then you can check out the campaign for full details, which at the time of writing still has 17 days to go.

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InfernoUprising said:

I would also like to help this game get to $55,000 dollars because i we had that much then we could have 4 player multiplayer in the game



Xilef said:

"Inspired" by Metroid might be a little to light description. Still looks pretty fun though.



JustinH said:

Power to them! I hope they don't get carried away with the stretch goals — they're already packed pretty tight, and this could easily pass $350,000



evanescent_hero said:

I pledged ten bucks to this, and I'm thinking of upping it to twenty if I can spare it. I'm definitely looking forward to this game!



Azikira said:

They also added a "add-on" feature, for those of us who want ReVeN swag like T-Shirts, Hoodies and more!



Vriess said:

I'm happy to back this game as well The stretch goals seems a bit too high though.



Spoony_Tech said:

I'm glad someone is trying to fill the 2d Metroid gap. Looking forward to this one and hope its really good!



TwilightAngel said:

damn when the trailer and gameplay started i thought it was metroid i hope its good like metroid and i really hope they hit there mark and make this game more amazing for the wiiu.



TwilightAngel said:

that be so cool there if they made a samus or metroid easter egg in the game they have too come on.



WaveGhoul said:

I still have Metroid Fusion and Zero Mission to play, which both look far superior to this Metroid rip off.....ReVeN on the other plagiarized hand looks like a flash game with cheap animations. I hate it when graphics can't match the animations..... Not interested.

Instead give me Shovel Knight(this could of been a long lost NES classic) & Retro City Rampage pwetty pwease!



gage_wolf said:

Hmmm. Metroid inspired... How about Metroid ripoff? I'll pass.

I want NEW games. Not "I'm gonna remake my favorite old games and fund it on Kickstarter" games.



hcfwesker said:

Backed this game when it was first announced, here. Glad it is doing well and hope some of them stretch goals get achieved.



BlatantlyHeroic said:

If you people haven't noticed, we haven't had a Metroid game in quite a while. If I were you I would shut up and give this a chance, because this is probably the best we'll get until Nintendo decides to stop playing it safe with games.



MAB said:

The whiners can wait another 50 years for Nintendo to make another 2D Metroid or they can just STFU and buy the awesome looking ReVeN... I don't know about you lot but I don't want to be playing Mario crap 20 times per year



B3ND3R said:

I guess people forgot Reggie had a Samus Helmet pin on his suit at VGX... Clearly they have something up their sleave for E3...



Kriedler said:

I backed this up the day you guys reported on it. Glad it got funded so quickly. This should help plug the void in the loooong waits between Metroid games



BAGBOY said:

I guess some people see what they want or wish to see, but I just can't stop thinking three words: cheapass metroid clone. I mean, it's great that these people got inspired by metroid and all but one thing is being inspired and ripping off a franchise is another.

This is like an amalgam between the 2 gba games if you ask me, and that's completely unoriginal; I bet that in the next trailer, abilities like the speed boost, the screw attack or the space jump look-alikes are gonna be shown.

I agree that nintendo is delaying the next metroid a lot but 1 thing that they're gonna do right is that when the next one hits, it's gonna hit hard, as it always happens with each new installment. I'm sorry, but this looks rushed and generic.



Blugrave said:

@BagBoy it's definitely Metroid inspired. The story and plot is completely original. It is only the basic gameplay mechanic that has been inspired. I humbly invite you to check out our gameplay trailer once it's posted, then give an opinion. Also please feel free to check out what information we've posted about the plot. I can't say much ousite of what's already public. I will tell you with full confidence that our story is completley different from the Metroid plot, and very very unique. Thank you for your opinion though.

@MAB Very cool. Thanks.



BAGBOY said:

@Blugrave I thank you for your sincerity on the matter and on my opinion, I don't really support the project per se, but I'll probably check it out once it is released. I'll take your point of checking the new trailer once nintendolife posts it here so I can see for myself those things you mentioned here. Anyway, good luck with your project.



sinalefa said:

I am not starved for Metroid so I don't think I will support it. I will tell a friend of mine who is a Metroid fan.

Being Metroid inspired does not necessarily mean that the main character needs to look so much like Samus, though.



MikeLove said:

Hahaha wow, this looks horrible. The animation is stiff, and there doesn't seem to be an original thought in the minds of the developers. Aren't these guys embarrassed to ripoff Metroid this much? The look of the character, the power ups, level design, music, the abilities, the way the level starts with the space craft landing?



WaveGhoul said:

Agreed. This looks like a cheap a** glorified flash game. Look at how lousy the animations are for crying out loud....Metroid Zero Mission eclipses this game in that department including every other. I guess when you've played 'it all' you'll take what you can get. I've only dipped into half of the metroid franchise, i've still got Zero mission, Fusion, Other:M and MP2: echoes to play.

I can't believe people are actually excited for this garbage....The quality ISN'T there....It's like this was cooked up by some college game designer in their slimy basement. You want Retro inspired quality Then look to Shovel Knight, heck even Retro City Rampage. ReVeN however is the definition of Cheap...Aside from being a pathetic rip off, the art work sucks, the animations are lacking in frames and are beyond stiff. I'm baffled that people backed this crap up.



B3ND3R said:

@seronja I never said I wasn't going to support this game just pointing out to people who complain about Nintendo not making a Metroid game that there's still hope for a new entry..



Blugrave said:

@Stargazer Yea bud we love the Wii U and we love Nintendo.

@Sinalefa Thank you so much we love any support that we can get. We really want to make the absolute best game possible.

@BAGBOY I'll be sure to find you on here once, it's posted

@JohnRedcorn Yea the ship opening is meant to pay homage to Metroid. Nothing wrong in that, I find it worse when people don't acknowledge their roots. As for the choppyness, remember this is barely Alpha footage, this is a kickstarter and not just a pre release trailer. Everything is being updated, including the main character SyReK's look. Stay tuned, and please keep looking at our kickstarter for updates. We have a lot planned . I appreciate your honest opinion.



gage_wolf said:

Taking an established franchise and copying its mechanics, art direction, and music is not what I would call homage... I'd call that cloning. It bums me out that you guys will get backed simply because people are jonesing for some Metroid, while other original indie games won't reach their goals.



audiobrainiac said:

@gage_wolf Leaving alone Metroid cloning for a sec, from a business stand point, if they can raise money for the project, and then MAKE money while making a bunch of people happy, then I say go for it. I'd do it too. Think about THEIR dream to MAKE the game. If u don't like it, then don't back it, don't buy it, but step aside, 'cause I'M GONNA BUY THE CRAP OUT OF IT. That doesn't mean i won't support Metroid when it finally resurfaces, or other worthy projects. Plenty of games FILL A VOID that gamers need filled. Project cars looks to fill my automobile enthusiast tendencies. Mighty No.9, Mutant Mudds, SteamWorld Dig and Cave story get my playful platformer out, Reven will get my serious Metroid platforming out, and so on and so forth. If the other original games are good enough, they'll get their funding too. You can only do so many things different before its "copying" and if something really original comes out, its GOTTA make a thud, in this day and age. Opinions will vary. Is there any REAL originality left in this world? The answer is no. Trust me on that. Nothing wrong with variations.



gage_wolf said:


That's my beef with this type of scenerio - it reeks of "business" money-making mentality. These guys are going to make a ton of money off of people, not because they have fostered an awesome new concept, game mechanic, or interesting art direction, but simply because they are making a clone of Metroid. Their company name is Varia Games! Are we even sure Nintendo will allow this to be released? There is plenty of originality in the world! Step out from your nostalgia cave for a moment and you will notice many NEW games that are pushing video games in new directions - Kentucky Route Zero, Gone Home, Nidhogg... These are the kind of forward-thinking, innovative indie titles that should find a home on a Nintendo system. Not clones of first party franchises.

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