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Nintendo UK's Store Offers The Mario and Sonic Winter Olympics Wii U Bundle

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Going for gold

With the Winter Olympics well under way in Sochi, Nintendo UK has issued a reminder that its official store is offering a special Wii U bundle to celebrate the occasion, which represents a saving over buying each part of the package individually.

Unsurprisingly this bundle includes the appropriately themed game, details below:

This bundle is offered for £299.99, with the advertisement above highlighting a saving of over £75 on retail prices. It is possible to get various Premium systems and bundles in the UK for between £220 and £250 depending on retailer, though with the attractive Mario Remote and an extra game this seems to be a reasonable deal. If you are in the UK and looking for a steal, however, the Mario Mega Bundle is still available for £299.99.

Are any of you in the UK tempted by this deal, or even the Mario bundle — which includes three games, a hat and Mario Remote! — from late last year?

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Peach64 said:

Right now you can pick up the premium bundle that includes Nintendo Land for £164 at Currys, and the Olympic game is £20 at Amazon. Huge saving over this deal. I wonder if Nintendo actually look around to see what it's selling for in the real world.



alLabouTandroiD said:

Always sad to see bundles without the Luigi Remote+. And that in the year of Luigi. Shame on you, Nintendo, shame on you.



VukTUKmuk said:

Wii U gives every atom of strength, the console is finished, in 2015 there will be even a little game ..



turnmebackwards said:

Terrible deal the Wii U has dropped as low as -

Wii U Premium pack with Nintendo Land £169.91 @ Currys Instore
Wii U 8GB Basic PC World / Currys Instore for £129.91

Here in the UK sad how quickly it's dropped in price since launch & how much I paid on launch.



rjejr said:

Even if the price isn't great good to see them offering something that's relevant at the time.

That Mario Mega bundle - w/ 3 Mario games, a Mario hat and a Mario Wiimote - looks like a much better deal though at the same price. If they can't sell that what will sell? I haven't seen anything like these in the US. It's the Mario Mega bundle. It needs it's own infomercial.

I like the 99 day Mario Kart countdown clock at the top of the page. Sing along now...

99 Mario karts on the track
99 Mario karts
if one of those karts should happen to crash
98 Mario karts on the track



Collz said:

No thanks Nintendo, £300 for a console that has failed!
I already bought 2 at launch & have since sold them.
Maybe you can redeem yourselves in the next console generation (but I doubt it)

Yet another Donkey Kong Country rehash wont save you now!
Stick with the handhelds.



ULTRA-64 said:

@turnmebackwards @Peach64 I'm sure your both right on the price there, I've seen it as low before. I just tried to check on their website and it seems it's in store only as it's clearance stock, ie, they want rid of what's left. No surprise really since they STILL don't know what it does, even in an electronic specialist store!!! Check the 'features' listed for home's a bit comedy after all this time.



Farmboy74 said:

If you are not bothered about a Mario remote, you can buy the premium bundle + Sonic at the winter Olympics for £225 on the UK Amazon store. It's good to see that they are trying to be relevant with the winter Olympics.



LunaticPandora said:

@Collz Wow just..... shut up. If you have nothing better to do than cry REHASH and proclaim Nintendo won't ever redeem themselves in the console market, you have no business being on this site.



ULTRA-64 said:

@Collz what kind of an idiot buys two consoles at launch then complains its a failure after just over a year on a Nintendo fan site. You just made my day!! Do you rush into everything then whinge about it afterwards I wonder??



Collz said:

@ULTRA-64 yeah I bought 2, one for me & one for the kids, you must have a short memory, we were promised a "next gen" console, that was aimed at hardcore gamers & casual gamers alike, what did we get? an underpowered piece of tat with virtually no 3rd party support, a poor online account & friends system.
Ive owned every Nintendo console since the NES, the WiiU is the worst yet, the world has moved on, unfortunately, Nintendo has not, deal with it!
Shouting about it on here wont save it.



darkgamer001 said:

The PS4 being "infinitely more desirable" is extremely subjective. Personally, I'd take a dozen Wii Us and even PS3s over a system that now requires you to pay for online and has zero must have games at this point in time.

Also, if you want confirmation that he's trolling, look at the above comment, with yet more generic 'underpowered', 'no 3rd party support', etc. references.

And for the record, it does have a friend system. Shows how much you really owned the console, let alone two...



ULTRA-64 said:

@Collz well it really does just embarrass you further whinging about things that were general knowledge prior to you buying a console ...twice!!
You are 100% right the target audience, I'll give you that and it IS frustrating, being an adult and loving Nintendo games but being largely ignored in terms of adult games.
However- the specs were common knowledge, next gen means the one after last, 3rd parties have ignored the last 2 (underpowered) Nintendo console's and just because you WANT an account system it doesn't mean you will get one when NOBODY said there would be one.
Finally, do you you not see the connection between people like you selling up after short periods, shouting from the rooftops about a console they no longer own, claiming to show support and be a fan boy whilst ignoring all facts on offer. If you really have had every Nintendo console since the nes you will remember the n64 launch line up and how dire that was. It's all a familiar pattern if you look at the facts, the problem is people like you dumping something they claim to be passionate about as fast as they rushed into a purchase without a shred of research.



Collz said:

Im hardly embarassed, because I bought a console that turned out to be rubbish!
I think Nintendo should be embarassed.
The 360 runs rings around it. (& before you start calling me a fanboy, I dont even own an xbox 360)
I was disappointed with my WiiU & so were the kids, which is sad, unfortunately if you say a bad word about the WiiU on here, you are told to shut up or made out to be a liar by the likes of @darkgamer001 who thinks I didnt buy a WiiU.
Why would I not shout from the rooftops that the WiiU is rubbish? should I just pretend its great & tell everyone to buy one!
Look at this site, "Nintendo Life" virtually everyday they post a news story about the WiiU failing, I think they are doing a great job of undermining it on their own.



smikey said:

I actually do own 2 consoles (only 1 at launch price though) and I have bought (and still own) every Nintendo console (home and handheld (all bought at launch since the n64)
This deal is far too expensive for what it is but at the same time hardly surprising to see it at that price.
I'm now up to 50 wii u disc games (Yeah i'm the guy who actually buys 3rd party as well as 1st party games) and that's my collection not my son's games it will be 51 on my birthday when dk arrives in the post.
I get not everyone is happy with the console or the games and sure if you don't like it then sell it not like I care neither should anyone else really it has no impact on me or anyone else.
Ha the wii u under performed? yes greatly and a fair few of those reasons are Nintendo's fault (though not quite all)
I won't be trading or selling either of my consoles either now or indeed ever more than happy with what I've got to play and a load more on the way I can't wait for.



LunaticPandora said:

@Collz No actually, no one's asking you to tell everyone it's great. You could just say you don't think it's a good console rather than opting to bash the hell out of it. And I told you to shut up because you were insulting the Wii U and Nintendo's future performance in the console market, and called DKCTF a rehash (like everyone else on the planet apparently) not simply because you "said something bad about the Wii U."



faint said:

@Collz yup no halo rehashes or assasins creed or uncharted or gta or or or or or cod or or or or DMC or or or. It's all rehashes. Every franchise. The reason? When it's completely changed folks get angry and rarely buy it. Same with fantastic new and inovative ip's like the puppeteer or wonderfull 101. If you wana complain about rehashes it's best to avoid games, film, novels and art. It's rare that anything truly new is successful. This new lotr game for example is just assasins creed 2 with a diffrent outfit



MrCanzine said:

Wii U is good for all gamer types. Call of Duty and ACIV have the best game experiences on Wii U. If more "hard core" gamers would allow themselves to look beyond slight increases in shading systems or graphics detail(look I can see 40% more stubble), then maybe more systems would sell and more 3rd party support would be there. Instead they jump on the things they can find lacking and avoid all of the selling points.



mercurio2054 said:

@Collz you know what happen to the "next gen console, that was aimed at hardcore gamers & casual gamers alike " ??
the "third" party release bad games that no one like, with no DLC, out of date, bugs, uncompleted games (most EA).... so how do they hope to sell well.... in this case is not Nintendo is fault.



Hy8ogen said:

Alright you troll listen. The console has been out for 1 year only so it is too early to call whether it has failed or not.

The Wii U has underpowered People buy console to play games, if you just want to open up a game and stare at it while boasting to your friends about how many hairs and dust you can see, go freaking get a Gaming PC. The hardware on both Xbone and PS4's specs are just entry level gaming PC. They were obsolete the day they were launched (spec wise, those 2 consoles are amazing except for kinect...)

If you have played the PS4, Xbone and Wii U personally, you will see how foolish you sound right now. The graphics admittedly is better on both PS4 and Xbone, but the difference is minute. So in the end the decision ends up with which exclusives do you like more.

As of NOW, the Wii U is better than both Xbone and PS4 because the amount of quality games it has right now. I do agree on the 3rd party support, however WII U DON'T HAVE HARDCORE GAMES?

If games like X, Bayoneta 2 and Monster hunter is does not come across as hardcore games to you, I don't know what will. Knack?

Xbox 360 run rings around it? Just based on this comment alone I can deduce you never had a Wii U. You're just a try hard pathetic troll. Nice try though.

Back to topic, not a good deal Nintendo.



LoveSugoi said:

That Mega Mario Bundle would very ideal for me. Save me the extra $60 in buying 3DW which I need because I somehow have convinced myself to buy a Vita in the past two days. Unfortunately, very much doubt the NA will see it since NoA doesn't want to sell systems. Oh and before I forget:

insert generic complaints about the Wii U being underpowered because power has always made systems sell and how I've been a Nintendo fan since the Stone Age and rehashes that I had no problem with for the past 30 years but somehow do now and blah blah Nintendoomed



ULTRA-64 said:

@Collz you lost me at '360 runs rings around it' .....showed your real colours there.....don't worry , I believe you had Wii u's (you'd have to to be THIS bitter!!) And I'm not saying your an Xbox fan boy. By real colours I mean majorly gullible , to say that is just foolish. If you know anything about tech, and don't just have a gobby 'geek mate' who tells you opinions like facts you will know how silly and media driven a statement that is.
I don't want to have petty arguments, I respect your opinions but if you say things as silly as that or jump into buying 2 of something, then regret it and complain double then you are going to look childish. The Wii u PROBABLY will be looked on in time as a commercial fail, you are right, if we are being honest we all know this. But people need to look in the mirror or look at facts for blame, not the people reporting them.



AyeHaley said:

I wanted to get that Mario controller: 59.99 EUR! 20 more for a Mario design is crazy... is that the recommended retail price?
Anyway I hope we get another Mario&Sonic eShop promotion. 30 max and it will be my first M&S game.



Collz said:

Sorry guys, im doing the internet wrong, let me start again, this is new for me, so give me a chance.
It is a really GREAT games console & media device, I love the fact that my digital purchases are tied to my console, so if it breaks or is stolen, I get to buy all my stuff again.
I just cant resist buying 20 year old games again & again & again, even though I already bought them on Wii & 3DS.
Theres loads of AWESOME games, I literally dont know what to buy for it next, theres so much choice!
I dont really like online multiplayer or leaderboards anyway.
All the great TV ads for the WiiU are making my friends with Xbox & playstations really jealous.
I dont care about playing Minecraft, FIFA or World of tanks, those games are rubbish, half the worlds population must be wrong!
I love all the "indie" games too, I dont care that they are twice the price than they are on steam.
Im going to tell everyone to buy one.
I know better than everyone else because im a smug Nintendo owner & if anyone says anything bad about Nintendo or anything they do I will call them a troll or a fanboy & tell them to shut up.

Thanks for the advice guys, ive seen the light, its not Nintendos fault in any way, its my fault & the fault of those evil 3rd party publishers!
yay, im on the winning team, GO NINTENDO!

PS, this "bundle" is great value too, dont bother buying the items separately for less, that would be foolish.

Thank you & goodnight



ghosto said:

The xbox 360 is garbage, the online is horrible, the games are broken, the interface is buggy and cluttered with ads and every feature is blocked by a pay wall.

Nintendo games look gorgeous, they launch instantly without stupid installs and 5000 patches plus the gamepad destroys the piece of garbage 360 controller.

You don't like the wii u fine, but don't go around claiming the 360 superior because its not, I've been with xbox since it launched and I jumped off that sinking ship and if you want to jump on that band wagon best of luck pal I hope you have deep pockets.



Daemonite said:

@Collz Dude, has the internet taught you nothing?!? You can't argue with fanboys (of any kind)... no matter how wrong they are and regardless of how well-argumented your comments may be, even if there are cold hard facts to support your theory. They will never even consider your point of view or listen to logic or reason. Stop trying, it's a huge waste of your time.



KevTastic84 said:

Wow, This snowballed, into a youtube comments style war of words. The truth is the Wii U is struggling, and a lot of people are giving up on it. Stores, Developers and even former Nintendo fanboys. You cannot really blame some of them either. We have been loyal for a very long time and Nintendo have made some major mistakes with this console. They are trying to rectify them, but so far to no real avail. Saying that, there are SOME good games on the console. But will that be enough to keep the Wii U propular over the net year or so. We will see. The future isn't looking great but Nintendo won't give up on a console that easily.

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