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Nintendo Is "Wonderful" To Work With, Says BIT.TRIP Studio Gaijin Games

Posted by Damien McFerran

Unannounced projects currently being worked on

Nintendo's Wii U may be struggling to make the desired impression at retail, but that doesn't mean the system — and Nintendo itself — isn't held in high regard by some sectors of the development community. Last week, we heard Wales Interactive speak positively about the console, while Dakko Dakko's Rhodri Broadbent also praised the Wii U.

Now it's the turn of BIT.TRIP studio Gaijin Games to show Nintendo some love. Speaking to Always Nintendo, Gaijin's Dant Rambo commented that Nintendo has "been wonderful to us", which certainly bodes well for future support from the developer — which Rambo also revealed was working on "unannounced" projects.

It's nice to hear even more Nintendo-related positivity coming from a developer — but what are your hopes for Gaijin's next game? Share your feelings with a comment.


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MAB said:

The Nintendo love/hate roller coaster keeps on a rollin'



3dcaleb said:

i love bit trip for 3ds. that was one of the first games i bought when i got it. when i get a wii u i will get the second one immedeatly, i bet it is so awesome. i hope the next game they make is for the 3ds and makes good use of the dual screens, and the 3d. maybe some kind of a battlezone style, retro inspired shooter made by them? that sounds fun.



WiiLovePeace said:

I've wondered what Gaijin were working on for a little while now. I really do need to finish Bit.Trip Runner 2... Actually I need to finish any of the Bit.Trip games hahaha.



unrandomsam said:

I am not happy with the quality of the 3DS ports of the bit trip stuff.

The Wii version is totally fine.

(Steam versions are not very good either of the first ones. Runner 2 is quite a bit better and you can play as Dr Fetus)



readypembroke said:

@3dcaleb Same here. Bought Saga when it was $5 when I got my 3DS. Haven't played it in a long time. GTA V is getting in the way but probably won't in a week or two.



MikeLove said:

When a studio with more than 10 employees praises Nintendo, please let me know



ULTRA-64 said:

What a name.....Dant Rambo!!!!!!
I know nothing off him, don't have his games(yet) but he just became a legend!!!



dmc79 said:

They're going to have to do something more about Third Party support in rebuilding their relationship to convince me. Treat the bigger publishers like the VIP's they are or accept failure on the Wii U console. Nintendo's glorious days of the 80" 90" are long over. Its 2014" we have options (Sony, Microsoft) but Nintendo is the only Company I want to introduce to my new born child in the future and we know is a tough task but get your act together (you can not do it alone N) "set all stubbornness aside" and take these mayor publishers back now.



Morph said:

As long as they dont mention offering 'unprecedented support' its all good



theblackdragon said:

My hope for Gaijin's next game? That they're willing to patch it if it turns out to have bugs. Very unimpressed with the way Saga was brushed under the rug and ignored.



Capt_N said:

I love Gaijin Games Bit.Trip.

@unrandomsam: I'm really not looking forward to hiccups in Saga. But I know they are there. Thanks for the info on the Steam variant, though. Some games I get on more than 1 format, if they are inexpensive, & I really like 'em.

@theblackdragon: Maybe they will start doing that in the future. I just hope they don't get "too big for their own pants"; as that can breed arrogance.

@dmc79: I wouldn't say Nintendo needs to sell their soul to third parties, but they do need to cater just a bit more to them. Maybe they still can this gen. Who knows?



Stratostar said:

Gahhh the wait is killing me. Laserlife? BIT.TRIP RPG? The possibilities are endless!



ueI said:

I believe EA said the same thing last week. Glad to see the compliments.

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