The puzzley adventure-platformer Yumi's Odd Odyssey (also affectionately known as Farewell Umihara Kawase) is slated for release by Natsume on the North American eShop sometime this month. Not much else is currently known about Natsume's future plans for the 3DS, but its Twitter account implies that we may know more by June.

Responding to a fan request to know when more would be revealed about the company's next 3DS games, the @Natsume_Inc Twitter account had this to say:


The tweet should probably not be taken as a statement of absolution, but is still encouraging for those waiting for the latest from the Harvest Moon publisher. For those wondering whether the next announcement might have anything to do with that series, anything is possible, but according to Siliconera the next Harvest Moon game isn't being released until February in Japan, leaving lots of potential time for localization before announcements are typically made elsewhere.

Are you hoping for something Harvest Moon-related from Natsume in the future, or something along one of their other lines of play? Let us know in the comments.