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Mario Kart 8 Jump Festa Impressions

Posted by Kerry Brunskill

They're floaty light!

Over in Japan gamers attending the Jump Festa 2014 show are getting to grips with Mario Kart 8, lucky things. Reports so far tell us that there are three tracks for attendees to play — "Circuit", "Resort" and "Ghost House", which sound the same as the demo builds we've enjoyed in the West — and the game allows two players to race against each other using good old split-screen multiplayer. There are twelve characters to choose from: Mario, Luigi, Peach, Yoshi, Bowser, Donkey Kong, Toad, Koopa Trooper, Daisy, Wario, Toadette and Waluigi, with each having their own handling quirks just as you'd expect.

Even though there's only three courses for people to try out there's still a lot of excitement thanks to multiple routes and hidden shortcuts on each course, as well as the chance to have a play with the new anti-gravity system. Gamers who like antagonising their friends will be pleased to know that a quick tap of the touchscreen toots the kart's horn - just be careful you don't overuse it and find your fellow gamers revoking your Mario Kart license!

More information as we get it, in the meantime let us know what you're most looking forward to in the comments section below.


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CaptOlimar30 said:

Those screenshots are SO pretty and that airport stage looks like it's gonna be so much fun to drive, I can't wait til its release!



Gioku said:

I love when you have direct control over the horn, haha! They had that in Mario Kart Super Circuit and it was pretty neat, haha!
In Mario Kart 7 the horn just goes off when you get bumped by someone else.



Dark-Luigi said:

Aw yeah, I can't wait to play as the green thunder through those gorgeous wacky tracks!



NintyMan said:

This is exactly like the Best Buy E3 Experience this summer. It was a lot of fun playing it! I played Wario with the GamePad, and the GamePad felt exactly like the Wii Wheel.

I'm looking forward to seeing more of the amazing-looking tracks, especially the sky track with airships, giant beanstalks, and a slight music remix of Gusty Garden Galaxy!



Fire_Flower said:

Those screenshots look pretty good. Definitely one of the better looking games on the Wii U.



Pichubby said:

SO HYPED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



element187 said:

Probably not the best idea to assume the final build will use the gamepad exactly how it's been shown at E3 and other demo events (as a horn and only a horn)... It could possibly be just a place holder, for demo purposes just to have something on the screen at these events.

It will be fun playing it online. I just wish we could get voice chat. Talking smack while racing is the best part of MK (I know, Nintendo nerfs it to protect children)



kupo said:

Haven't played Mario Kart in forever...this might be a system seller for me, if they can stamp out the catch-up A.I. tactics and implement a more balanced item system.



michael148th said:

Can't wait just a few more months this game looks amazing so far there are 17 characters i would like 32 since Mario Kart Wii had 24-25 with Miis! The best part is unlocking characters



Moshugan said:

@kupo Agreed on the A.I.!
A better, realistic and smart com drivers are most def needed, otherwise it's hardly an evolution. Gameplay before graphics, aye?



Gioku said:

@kupo @Moshugan I always have much more fun playing with real people than with computer players in Mario Kart... mostly because I find the AI way too easy! Playing with real people gives much more of a challenge - people are obviously much craftier and make much better use of items than computer players. At least they've made the AI start taking shortcuts so that I don't feel so cheap using them when playing solo, haha!



IRNBRU115 said:

I was pretty sure this would be delayed until that new trailer aired. Looks pretty great.



Savino said:

@Moshugan Dont count on if!
Dont take me wrong, MK is great, but nintendo uses the same AI code since the first one!



turnmebackwards said:

Give it a release date currently Donkey Kong is the only Wii U game with a planned release day. I need to plan out my year of Nintendo goodness



JtotheY said:

@Gioku I forgot, was there still a 50cc/100cc/150cc at Mario Kart Wii? And is it used in Mario Kart 8? They should just do that, with 50cc being easy enough for kids to win, 100cc just as medium and 150cc to make it a real challenge even for the better gamers. Or even introduce a 200cc mode after you've completed the game once.



SuperiorYoshi87 said:

This game is gonna be great! I can't wait, the online on Mario Kart Wii was one of the few games with good online for the Wii so this one should be phenomenal online, atleast that's what I'm hoping. Mario Kart is one of the few games along with SSB that I feel online multiplayer is vital for the game in this current Gen. I usually don't give a crap about online multiplayer, especially with Nintendo games but it really helped the replay value of MK Wii.



Gioku said:

@JtotheY: Haha yeah, I always thought 200cc (or even 250cc) would be awesome, haha! The Mirror cup kinda fills the role already as the "extra challenge" cup, but it's still only 150cc.



JaxonH said:

I smashed 4 world records on MarioKart 64 back when I was like 13 years old. I played that game relentlessly for four solid years. Nothing but Mario Kart. I remember GamePro magazine (I think it was GamePro?) posting world record times for all the stages. I somehow determined I could do better. And whattaya know, I actually ended up besting 4 of those times!

Can't remember all the stages- it's been so long ago. But I do remember one of them was Wario Stadium. The record was set at 22 seconds flat, and after a full week of playing just that one stage, I finally jumped the wall and back all 3 times perfectly, crossing the checkered line at an impressive 21.92 seconds.

No one would ever know of my Mario Kart achievements (this was back before the internet reigned). I tried taking pics but the film camera couldn't capture the TV screen properly, so I gave up on sending in proof to the magazine. Oh well. I still proudly carry that personal feat with honor.



Shade_Koopa said:

From the looks of things, it seems like the entire cast from Mario Kart Wii will make it to Mario Kart 8. Which is nice cause, while 7 is good, a good cast of character is always nice. ^^



PinkSpider said:

I'm loving all the weather effects in Nintendos current franchises. Mario 3D World has some really impressive weather effects, look forward to swing them in Mario Kart 8, the level with the thunder storm looks cool.
I also cannot wait to see what A proper New Zelda game will do with weather effects, still one of my best gaming memory's from Zelda link to the past on snes back in 1992 when I got it and I first walked out of links house and it's raining and thundering and u have to make your way to the castle with that great music was astounding for me at the time. Want to see some thing similar in a new Zelda.... Cannot wait to see what comes this year.
And seriously if a Metroid Prime game does not get announced soon I'm gonna have take a trip to retro studios.
Metroid Prime Corruption was one of the best gaming experiences on Wii, seriously it needs to be made. Hell give me super metroid on snes done in the prime style with incredible HD graphics.... I can dream....



Mochtroid said:

Please Nintendo, for the love of god, NO BLUE SHELLS in this one! It completely unbalances the game.



Gen0neD said:

Petey Piranha! Please bring him back. He has been woefully absent since Double Dash. Smacking him with a shell, and subsequently watching him crash on his big head, always made me giggle. Bring him back. Oh, and add adult Midna too please. To this and Smash Bros. Pretty please!



Nintenjoe64 said:

I don't know why so many people moan about the rubber-band AI in Mario Kart. It means that everyone can play but only the very best can be consistent.



SavoirFaire said:

I'd really like to see a smash brothers style selection for items where the group can elect to ban or allow items in multiplayer. Id also pay good money for remastered track/racers from past MKs as DLC.



Dr_Legendaddy said:

I want it soooooooo badly!! and i think kirby might be added.. after the confusing direct trailer for ssb i think it might really be a hint



Eddsnake said:

@Mochtroid Agreed, the blue shell is a nightmare, haven't seen any sign of it yet, fingers crossed they've got rid of it. Or better yet what about being able to turn each item on and off in the options screen?



gage_wolf said:

I love how the vehicles look l like Power Wheels. I've been hearing a lot of complaints, typically by friends that don't normally play Nintendo titles, that all the new HD Nintendo titles are way too shiny and that everything looks like a toy (as if that's a bad thing?). I happen to love the fact that Nintendo's games seem to take place in miniature little worlds that could possibly happen across your kitchen table.



dmc79 said:

I Pre-order this Game before it even had a release date in October. I'm a 34yrs old ( lol I know I'm old ) and I'm as excited for this new entry in the series as I was back in the early 90's for the snes version. Nintendo claims this one is going to be a remix of previous Mario Kart's so I'm sure this is going to be an amazing game and a system seller. someone here mentioned DLC? I definitely believe there's a lot of profit to be made in such a mammoth game if DLC's were applied. Neither I nor my 10 or 11 yr old can wait for this MK.. It's going to be hundreds of hours of fun 24/7 for us and a huge contributor to the Wii U success.

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