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Weirdness: Shigeru Miyamoto Meets Mario in Real Life

Posted by Conor McMahon

Sometimes you just can't get away from your parents

The Mario Bros. may be video game icons, recognizable to millions all around the world; yet you still wouldn't expect to see them strolling (or indeed jumping) down the street. Their 'adventures' in Brooklyn with Dennis Hopper aside, we've rarely seen the duo anywhere outside the green hills of the Mushroom Kingdom.

Internet comedy group Mega64 manage to make it a reality in the video below, however, running into a veritable Father figure of theirs in the process.

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The clip is actually part of a much larger series by Mega64, self-descibed as ''short films that recreate classic and current video games in real life'', or to put it bluntly - Jackass with a gaming twist. Miyamoto isn't the only big name they've worked with either, and the group can boast past collaborations with Valve Software's Gabe Newell, Hideo Kojima and Shenmue creator Yu Suzuki to name just a few.

It may have been a few years since they've hit the streets as Mario and Luigi, but it's worth looking back now that they celebrate their ten-year anniversary this November, a pretty impressive occasion given how short-lived our interest in internet groups can be.

If you'd like to see more, including their real-life versions of Skyward Sword, Tetris, and Luigi's Mansion, then take a look at their Youtube page and be sure to let us know below which one was your favourite.

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ThomasBW84 said:

@FishieFish "It may have been a few years since they've hit the streets as Mario and Luigi, but it's worth looking back now that they celebrate their ten-year anniversary this November" - LOL right back at ya



Neram said:

A little outdated... but okay. This gives people who haven't yet seen it a chance to.



sinalefa said:

Thanks for sharing, as I may be the only person not to have seen this.

Well, I am not anymore



NImH said:

Hahaha! Classic... how is it that I've never seen this until today?



Swiket said:

Next week's Nintendo Life headline:
"Weirdness: Reggie Claims His Body Is Ready"



MagicEmperor said:

I'm not one of those jerks who says condescending stuff like, "It sure is cOLD in here." So I'll just say this: this particular wine is VERY vintage, but still delicious.



WiiLovePeace said:

Bahahahaha that's hilarious! Link was win too, thanks for that NL, I'd never seen the clip before.



SheldonRandoms said:

I'd get the same reaction from Miyamoto too if I was in my Mario outfit, jumping around and yelling "It'sa me, Mario"

Actually, that's the reaction everybody gives me when I do that......NOT!!!



Link-Hero said:

Wow. I remember watching this when the video first came out. Still funny as ever, especially near the end.



ricklongo said:

I was giggling all the way through, but when Link showed up I ****ing lost it.

Might be an oldie (I had never seen it before), but it's still a goldie.



FilmerNgameR said:

LOL I like the background music. I bet that Link wanted to jump Miyamoto but was too late. XD



B3ND3R said:

I remember when this video first came out, I thought it was the greatest thing ever! They did the same thing with Hideo Kojima where they were pretending to be Snake and Raiden... The only difference is that Kojima joins in on the stealth fun after and runs around with them xD Classic Kojima.



GamecubeMan said:

Lol I love Mega64! Their videos are extremely funny. Dont care how old this video Im just glad to see these talented people getting some recognition from this great site!



TreesenHauser said:

LOL that look on Miyamoto's face.

And to everyone saying "THIS VIDEO'S OLD, YOU'RE A LITTLE LATE"; Give 'em a break. Besides, some of us haven't seen this yet believe it or not.



super08mario said:

so we can look forward to super mario 3 this month? it'd make sense with the anniversary being this month.



ericthecheese said:

Hilarious. Count me as one who had not seen this video before. Thanks for drawing my attention to it and the rest of their videos, NL!



RantingThespian said:

They should have gotten Richard Michael Alvarez and Christopher Anthony Muller to do this (aka the Stupid Mario Bros.).
That would have been hysterical!

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