Street dates for games and hardware certainly have a mixed record of enforcement, with the majority observed impeccably and others flagrantly disregarded — Pokémon X & Y was the in the latter camp. So on that score one major retailer in the US is already displaying the Link Between Worlds hardware bundle, evidently available to buy.

The pictured units were spotted by Kotaku writer Mike Fahey at the Mansell Road store in Roswell, Georgia, though it's not 100% clear that they could actually be bought. There's no price tag, for example, while one comment in the article recounts an experience of spotting them in another Walmart, attempting to buy a unit before the system refused to process the purchase. Perhaps those wonderful computers are saving the day, ultimately.

The bundle is officially available from Friday 22nd November, so perhaps you can stare at the boxes until then. Walmart, you tease.