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Wed 28th August, 2013

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JAG1981 commented on Video: Use Your amibo Figures Without Removing...:

I understand why Nintendo put that piece of foil in the package. In some cases you only ever have to tap the Amiibo once to unlock the reward (Mariokart 8). Placing that piece of foil was their way to ensure people who bought them kept them, its not a move to anger collectors but a move to make sure they sell their product and not all Amiibos are returned to stores and sitting on store shelves forever.
Now lets talk about collectors themselves. I am one but the overall obsessions some have with "unopened" stuff is crazy. With something like a star wars action figure I'm not going to "play" with them and they look really nice hanging on my wall. With Amiibos I want to collect them all but also want to use them so any I buy I open and have on display on a shelf. For those who say "once their opened they loose their value" I respond by saying a true collector doesn't care. if I was buying them to resell them at a later date then I'm not a collector, I'm a reseller. I plan to keep these forever so I'm going to enjoy them and don't care what the value is. Plus things are so mass produced now that in many cases there are millions of them out there and the long term value is nothing. Things from the 70's were not produced on the scale they are now thats why they became valuable.
Sorry for the long comment but had to get that off my shoulders



JAG1981 commented on Nintendo Might Not Be Making More GameCube Con...:

I highly doubt Nintendo isn't making more. The demand for the item is way too high for them to ignore. Also for me, I work retail selling all these fantastic Nintendo products (not at EB Games) and I've had many customers come from EB stores and ask me a question that EB had either made up or was just wrong. One of the biggest lately to give you an example is a few customers were told that Wii U isn't backwards compatible but Playstation 4 would play PS3 and PS2 games. I mean wow, how can I trust any information from a store where some of their people don't know the basics. Until I hear official word from Nintendo on this I won't believe it or any info from EB Games Canada



JAG1981 commented on Gallery: A Closer Look At 13 amiibo Toys:

For anyone who is a collector (like me) and wants one to use and one to keep mint in package keep in mind theses use similar technology that Infinity and Skylanders use. In both cases the chip in the character is detectable thru the packaging so you should be able to use them without opening them. Also there will more than likely be a way to reset the character to 0 if you ever wanted to. Hope this thru package reading works on these, then I only need one set of them



JAG1981 commented on Walmart Goes Early With the Link Between World...:

I see this at WalMart all the time. I've even told them they have street dated product out early and their associates don't care. I work retail selling games and nothing ever goes out until the street date hits. If it's on the sales floor, you cannot refuse to sell it to a customer cause they are seeing it. Many customers don't know street dates and don't care about them either. Plus when these items arrive in store they ALWAYS have a label telling the street date and that label says "DO NOT PLACE ON SALES FLOOR" Sometimes its worded differently but the meaning is the same. Plus when they do this kind of stuff it makes my job harder because customers tell me "Well (insert retailer name here) is already selling it so you can too" and I have to explain that I can't... its annoying.



JAG1981 commented on Say What You Will About Nabbit, But He's Helpe...:

This is what gaming is all about. Having fun times with friends and family and enjoying the experience, its not about graphics, or the power of the system but about the gameplay. That video showed this whole family having fun and the girl looked so happy at the end of the level. Nintendo should consider this one story as mission accomplished for the goals of the system.

Jennifer, your an awesome player! Keep on gaming