Retro Game Controllers Thinkgeek

For many of us, Christmas is the one day of the year where getting a new video game is pretty much guaranteed — provided you've been a good boy or girl that is. So it only makes sense that you should celebrate the day for the gaming goodness which it bestows on you, right?

North American online retailer ThinkGeek seems to think so, which is why it's now stocking a range of gaming-themed Christmas decorations. Throw those baubles out the window and chuck that tinsel in the bin, because for just $20 you can purchase a set of classic controller ornaments that are bound to invoke memories of when you received a NES or SEGA Genesis for one of your childhood Christmases.

The pack contains four controller decorations for you to hang from the tree: an Atari joystick, a NES controller, a Sega Genesis controller and a Sony PlayStation controller. Alternatively, you could opt for these unorthodox mini LEGO decorations if you're looking for something a little more out of the ordinary.

Do you already have any gaming-inspired decorations that you hang on your tree each year? Let us know in the comments section below!