Is there any franchise that LEGO video games can't cover? It's a tricky one, and we'd have to start tagging 'Woody Allen' films as a series if we had to try really hard — TT Fusion has already covered Batman, Star Wars, Indiana Jones and Marvel to name some, though hasn't yet done Star Trek, interestingly.

It's a series that's also immune to being rushed, with its recreations of classic movies being joined by the arrival last Winter of LEGO Lord of the Rings, a good time after the trilogy of movies had signed off. Actually, that game landed as The Hobbit was gracing cinemas, prompting LEGO fans to wonder when the current Tolkien-inspired films would get the video game treatment from TT Games. The time may come in 2014, if the poster below is to be believed:

We've slapped the "Rumour" tag on this due to the fact that this is an unsourced image posted by, seemingly a scan of an upcoming promotional item in France. The Wii U and 3DS are listed in the confirmed platforms, however, which is good news for Nintendo fans.

At the time of writing there's no official word on this title, though if legitimate we imagine the PR department of choice for Warner Bros. is feverishly preparing an official confirmation. It could be promising, especially if the game is as fleshed out as the film(s); when a paragraph of text in the book can become an epic five minute CG scene, you know artistic license is allowed.

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