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Disney Interactive Sees Big Financial Boost in Q4

Posted by Tim Latshaw

Disney Infinity is keeping this steamboat chugging

Disney Interactive has been a financially struggling arm of the Walt Disney Company, but its investment in Disney Infinity is showing a significant payout as more game consumers are putting their money where the mouse is.

According to Disney's latest earnings report, Disney Interactive pulled in $396 million in revenue in their fourth quarter ending 28th September, 2013, an increase of $205 million over Q4 2012. When factoring in operating costs, Disney Interactive made a profit of $16 million for the quarter, much better than the loss of $76 million posted the same time last year.

Disney is primarily attributing its Interactive division's success to the release of Disney Infinity, but also notes increased success in its Japanese mobile business.

Disney Interactive still closes the fiscal year at an overall operating loss of $87 million, but that is still a vast improvement over the loss of $216 million posted in fiscal year 2012.

Do you think Infinity will continue driving Disney Interactive out of the red? Let us know below.


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rndethan said:

It's becoming the next skylanders... I bet in a years time, they'll be out of debt.



Matts14 said:

Infinity cost them so much to make and I haven't really heard anything about it till now. I love Disney but I don't think they've made a good game in a while



rjejr said:

Disney Infinity isn't going anywhere for awhile, the sequels have already been written:

Disney Classics - Pinocchio, Dumbo, Fantaisa, Bambi
Disney Princesses - well, you know
Disney Vault - Beauty and the Beast , Little Mermaid, Aladdin, Tarzan

I'm sure there most be another 2 or 3 I haven't thought of yet.



luckybreak said:

Making toys/ figurines that you can play pretend with also work as virtual characters in video games is kinda a kid's dream come true. Plus its disney. No brainer $$$



itsamii said:

@Matts14 They've been saving. They have Kingdom Hearts 3(which would fair better on Nintendo platforms I believe) and this. I think this game is awesome, but I think it's a bad move to not make the characters DLC as well as toys. I would totally partake if I didn't have to clear an entire drawer for my video game.. But yeah, Infinity cost like $100mil, and instead of releasing it all at once, they're letting it drip, so it's really no surprise no one has heard much of it yet. Much of it isn't on the market. lol.



unrandomsam said:

Not surprising considering in the biggest Tesco near where I live there is as much space dedicated to Disney Infinity as 3DS and Wii U combined. (Skylanders gets the other 3rd of that shelf).



unrandomsam said:

@itsamii Kingdom Hearts 3 is Square Enix (Same as like as any of the other ones that are licensed for recent films etc). This is in house.



unrandomsam said:

(It is funny that 100 million is considered so much to spend on a game but with the cash Nintendo has (Not assets or investments). They could do that 45 times before they would run out of money. (Presuming they all make 0). All the losses that Nintendo have made have been basically nothing.



technotreegrass said:

The absurd awesomeness of the pic in this article makes me want to rush out and buy Disney Infinity but there is no way I could justify the cost of the game and the toys, even only a small portion of them. If the characters were offered as DLC that would be a different story, provided of course that the DLC characters were priced at a severe discount, but that'll never happen because they'd be screwing over their toy line, and if I'm paying $16 for a single bit of DLC, I expect a full-fledged expansion pack, not a new playable character.

If this saves Disney Interactive financially, yay, but this franchise will not get a dime from me.



MrWalkieTalkie said:

It's funny how I kept saying how I really want this game, only to now develop a bigger interest in Skylanders Swap Force. Eh, hopefully I could get both by some special deal miracle this holiday? Hey, a boy and dream.



Einherjar said:

@X-Factor More or less, except the big fishes that mostly rely on shady schemes to exploit their customers.
But these are hard times in the industry, Incredibly inflated developing costs to be considered a AAA title getting even bigger with the upcomming generation, a narrow minded consumer base who only wants these AAA titles, which gives smaller devs an even harder time beeing recognized, childish and artificially created console wars in which everyone just says how bad the other system is instead of saying how good the own one could be, the forced westernization of japanese titles, turning the market into a homogenous mass, making it even harder for certain titles to stad out of the crowd.



gamelall said:

@rjejr exactly. Disney have amazing IPs and if they put them in the hands of the right game developers they would have a booming gaming division.



grimbldoo said:

Ew! I know it's nice for Skylanders to have competition, but Disney is just a disgusting monster spreading its tentacles where they don't belong. I can't say I would be sad if Infinity flopped really hard.



unrandomsam said:

@grimbldoo The important thing is who is actually making the game not who own the rights to the characters. Not even published by these guys as you would expect if Disney had any real involvement. Square Enix are not much better they have ruined everything that was good prior to their involvement as well. (And not released the only good thing they have recently outside Japan - Dragon Quest VII).



grimbldoo said:


itsamii wrote:

They've been saving. They have Kingdom Hearts 3

to which you responded,

Kingdom Hearts 3 is Square Enix. This is in house

and then I responded to correct you by telling you that anything in Kingdom Hearts that is not already Square Enix exclusive belongs to Disney, so Disney actually makes a decent chunk off of Kingdom Hearts.



Knuckles said:

@rjejr Are you including Princess Leia in the Disney princesses? I might appreciate Darth Vader taking over the game.



Mr_Nose said:

Haven't really been a fan of Disney games since the 16 bit glory days, but I would buy a Wii U Spectrobes game day one.

More Tron wouldn't hurt either. ^_^



Mayleene said:

Got this for my neighbor's 6-year old and he loves it! Got him a 3DSXL for his 6th B-day and he's loving the daylights out of it playing Phineas & Ferb!

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