The House that Mickey Built made a strong financial showing in the first quarter of 2013, but the Games that Mickey Makes can’t share in the good news.

While Disney as a whole reported a 32 percent increase in its net income to $1.5 billion, Disney Interactive saw a loss of $54 million for the same timeframe, making it the only division of the company to not see a return on investment. Disney also projects a loss for its games division for the current quarter.

However, in true Disney fashion, all hope is not lost. Although it still lost money overall, Disney Interactive’s revenues rose 8 percent to $194 million. And while Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two failed to find a foothold in sales, many eyes are on the third quarter and the potentially epic release of Disney Infinity.

Do you think Disney will financially turn its games-making steamboat around by the end of the year, or should it focus more on handing its properties out to other parties, such as in the recent Star Wars deal with EA? Let us know in the comments.