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Zombie Blaster Removed from the 3DS eShop in North America

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

The undead now seem to be dead

Zombie Blaster, a DSiWare on-rails shooter, shuffled onto the North American 3DS eShop on 10th October. It seemed entirely suitable for the month that features Halloween, of course, though in our review we awarded 3/10 and said "the only way to really win at Zombie Blaster is to not buy it in the first place".

That concluding line is telling as, it seems, you can no longer buy it from the 3DS eShop even if you want to. As reported to us by an eagle-eyed reader and double checked on our own system — below — this title is no longer available to download on the current portable's store.

We'll try to ascertain what's happening before the upcoming zombie apocalypse at Halloween.

Thanks to Knuckles for the tip.

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Memeboy3 said:

Maybe the VC is freshened up and they are currently doing Quality tests now?
That would be great.



Morpheel said:

Maybe they got it wrong and uploaded a beta version and they just realized and the actual game is actually better?



Gioku said:

What's that blue line across the bottom screen? Has the system been dropped a few too many times?



Undead_terror said:

@Morpheel Maybe, the dev of Goony (which is a dsi ware game) released a update for the game, but I don't think they had it un available.


@Memeboy3 don't go starting that "first" crap, such a relief when people stop using it.



Knuckles said:

For the record, I was looking through the recent arrivals in the eShop, and the only reason this caught my eye was that the game said it wasn't available, like some 3DS Retail games. Since it is a DSiWare game, that made no sense and I decided to check it out, not to download, I would rather watch Resident Evil Revelations download on the eShop than buy this game.



Kaze_Memaryu said:

To me, this sounds like the dev's are working on something. Nintendo wouldn't remove something from the eShop just because it sucks.
@Morpheel it's possible, and I would appreciate that being true, since the game seems to have looked somewhat beta to begin with.



TingLz said:

@Memeboy3 "Quality" to providers like Nintendo is only making sure the game works. Heck, even that is bad sometimes



Lobster said:

I noticed this while in the eShop just now and had to see what was up. How should we feel about the (un)lucky few that managed to snag this stinker before it was yanked? Pity or...? It's almost kind of cool. Five whole people bought this, and played it for a whole hour (to be able to rate it). And now nobody else can ever have it.

God, I hope it didn't fry their systems or something else unspeakably awful.



2Sang said:

This would have been a great free app for halloween, but not a full-blown game, especially when games like gunman clive and Birdmania are less than half the price.



Uberchu said:

@acccJust checked and cannot find it in any method possible on a DSi XL, might try my DSi but it will probably have the same results.

Should of Dloaded before the removal just so I can have a rare downloadable game.



Shworange said:

Wow. If it was rated 3 stars on the e shop, it must be rated 1 out of 5 in the real world.



unrandomsam said:

@Shworange When I bought Milon's Secret Castle it was rated 1-5 when it should have 5-5. (Funny because I think it is the first 1-5 I have seen).



OdnetninAges said:

"the only way to really win at Zombie Blaster is to not buy it in the first place".




Pinecallado said:

Was there ever any really noteworthy games released on dsiware? Why do developers continue to develop games for dsiware when dsiware is almost dead and the 3ds install base is probably bigger than the dsi one?



LunaticPandora said:

@Pinecallado They probably figure as long as DSiWare still exists, they can use it as an excuse to put even less effort into their games and make a quick buck. Nintendo really needs to axe DSiWare and fast, to stop this surge of crap the eshop's been getting as of late and enforce some quality control before it becomes another App Store.

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