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Video: Here's Five Levels Of Super Mario 3D Multiplayer Mayhem For Your Delectation

Posted by Damien McFerran

Too cool for cats

Super Mario 3D World will be with us in time for Christmas and is sure to top the wish list of many a Wii U owner. We've been lucky enough to spend some quality time with the game and have put together this wacky multiplayer video which highlights five of the game's inventive and action-packed levels.

Tom, Ant and Damo are the players involved, and we're happy to report that at the time of writing we're all still talking to one another — not even the super-competitive world of Mario can bring the Nintendo Life team to blows.

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Jazzer94 said:

Can't decide whether to play single or multiplayer for my first run through of the game.



unrandomsam said:

Nobody used any of my favourite things that Mario can do (Wall Jumps / The overhead somersault / the slide on your donkey).

Looks so slow as well (Is that with the run button held down at all times ?)
Please watch the profanity — TBD



unrandomsam said:

Doesn't seem there any of the bits where the only way to make jumps is at full speed either.

(At least with Mario - there is enough other characters in this that they can use the others to make it easier).

I love the way that if you try and play Super Mario Bros 2 (Jap) slowly with Mario it makes it loads harder.



ikki5 said:

I like how when Mario dies at 1:15, you hear Luigi go "Yay, Yay"




ikki5 said:

another thing that makes me feel better, if everyone was going on how easy this game was going to be because lives. The last level they showed they only have 5 lives (aside from the ones they got at the flag) so it may not be as easy as people were saying.



rjejr said:

All this SM3DW coverage is great, but Mario and Sonic at the Olympics comes out next week (EU, 2 weeks US), is there going to be any coverage of that game? It has online multiplayer, that should be worthy of a mention. I'ld really like to know about balance board support, the last Wii version had it, and this UK e-tailer mentions it, though they look a bit back-alley, if you know what I mean

I'm not a big fan of the Olympics but this game looks pretty good. It even has a half-way interesting commercial.

Oh well, maybe next week.



sinalefa said:

This video needs more Peach. And I love how Fire Toad looks like the Mega Mushroom.

As usual, EAD Tokyo puts the NSMB team to shame, and this time in their own game, the multiplayer.

The nice thing about this one is that depending on how good, bad or evil the other players are, the game may be easier or harder. It was an interesting decision to have players share the lives counter.



ikki5 said:


I believe you have a selection even if you are player one. I was at Best Buy and got to try it out and I was player 2 and I got to choose my character which was toad.



chigster69 said:

Super mario 3d world is going to be amazing in singe player and multiplayer as well. Cant believe how much it has changed my mind to buying this game after what i saw at the E3 show, it didnt look that good then. Its a first day buy for me now, Thats for sure.



Funny_Moblin said:

Still not getting it. I might get it if I actually had people to play it with, but I don't... All the Nintendo multiplayer I have is occasional Mario Kart Wii and Brawl matches. If there is a Super Mario Galaxy 3, let me know.



Funny_Moblin said:

@Damo But even Nintendo confirmed that this game was made for newcomers to the 3D Mario series...even the extra levels in 3D Land weren't very hard...

I have no hope for any challenge in this game, unless they implement online leader boards for fastest level completion/ score.



MasterBlue said:

I like how every trailer, video, or gameplay I see of this game don't make me bored with the game but makes me more excited for this game's release.



ZackNormandin said:

@NbaJunkie the game itself is less than 2GB. The Wii U will use 1GB of RAM for the game.


Masters of coding. Japenese coders. They're geniuses.
Nintendo has some serious talent behind closed doors.



Funny_Moblin said:

@LUIGITORNADO Yeah...I just hate these new Mario games in general, both 2D and 3D. The first NSMB for the DS was a nice throwback and fan service, but now this is just abusive, and just ruins whatever old elements they bring to new Mario games. Now it's all about going through these bland worlds, plastic textures, enclosed gameplay, uninventive enemies. Super Mario Sunshine was my biggest inspiration back when I was 9. I feel sorry for the kids playing these new Mario games (Aside from the Galaxy series which is amazing). Sunshine was just so...idk I can't explain it, too much childhood.



Funny_Moblin said:

@LUIGITORNADO Sunshine was so massive in landscape. I loved how the size, distance and height of world would make you say for example, "TO PETEY PIRANHA ON TOP OF THE WINDMILL!!!" ...At least that's how I used to think, hehe.



CapeSmash said:

"bland worlds, plastic textures, enclosed gameplay, uninventive enemies"

Yeah, I agree that the worlds are getting bladder....and the newer 2D Mario games suck hard. But, how can you say this game has "enclosed gameplay" when you haven't even tried the game for yourself? I would like to know why you think they make "uninvented enemies" when the newer enemies are pretty cool and have unique abilities. I don't see how they are "uninvented". I also see you praise Mario Sunshine a lot (I thought the game was "meh"), but you forgot to mention that Mario Sunshine has plastic graphics as well.

One more thing: All because this game is geared towards newcomers, doesn't mean this game isn't going to be challenging. If this game isn't going to be challenging at some point in the later levels, then why did they add the Invincible Super Leaf (which is completely optional, btw). And from what Nintendo has shown from the later levels, they look challenging, but I'll PLAY the game to see for myself.



Funny_Moblin said:

@SockoMario Well, Super Mario Sunshine was the first game I played along with my first console. This may be my childhood speaking for the most part, but I know what I'm saying. Nintendo experimented with Super Mario Sunshine. Why can't they do the same with Super Mario 3D World? And what I mean by plastic graphics, I mean that everybody and everything in 3D World is all shiny, unlike Sunshine.



CapeSmash said:

@Funny_Moblin Sunshine was also one of the first games I've ever played. Not everything in Sunshine was shiny, but most (if not all) of the characters were very shiny. I don't think Sunshine is a bad game, but it just didn't really feel like a Mario game to me.
P.S Does that screenshot in the article look shiny to you (minus the metal blocks)?

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