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Sonic Dashes Into Action in These Super Smash Bros. Screens

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Too fast to be last

With all of the Nintendo Direct madness yesterday, we were certainly pleased to report on the confirmation of Sonic as a playable character in Super Smash Bros. on Wii U and 3DS, a welcome return for the SEGA mascot that made his debut in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

As is standard for the reveal of a new Challenger, the official website for the games was updated with a gallery of screens showing the blue blur in action. As we suspect most are more than happy to gaze lovingly at screens for next year's blockbusters, below is the full Sonic gallery. To no-one's surprise he's also featuring prominently in this week's daily screens, which we'll include in our usual round-up next Monday.



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WingedSnagret said:

Is it just me, or has Pit been doing nothing but dodging in the past several screenshots he's been in?



Ryo_Hazuki-san said:

@WingedFish not sure if you played kid icarus uprising that game was based heavily on dodging attacks im glad they implemented this into his character in smash bros. n SONIC LOOKS AMAZING!



Jellitoe said:

Sonic looks absolutely beautiful in the Wii U version.
I hope they give us at least 2 more 3rd party characters.
Simon Belmont would be nice.



Lalivero said:

It'd be nice to get some more 3ds screenshots. I know the Wii U needs some exposure but having one 3ds screenshot for every hundred Wii U ones is kind of eh...

Both are shaping up nicely though and I'm still getting both.



WingedSnagret said:

@Hayabusa KI:U has many of the same features as Smash Bros. (both were made by the same guy after all), so dodging in such fashion actually came from SSB first. Not to mention every character can dodge as is, so that's why I find it odd that Pit's been doing that move so often lately.

And I have played KI:U btw.



TySoN_F said:

I like the way he looks here waaaay more than Brawl. He looks more "natural" and closer to his current games.



XFsWorld said:

Sonic is too fast for them haha! Pit is the only one that can dodge his attacks.



Ernest_The_Crab said:

It looks like his moveset is pretty similar. I hope they buff him, Brawl's version of him was pretty lackluster as an actual fighting character.



NintyMan said:

Sonic looks slick. I like how he looks in that screenshot in which Link gets crushed. That one with Luigi bearing the brunt of Sonic's homing attack looks painful.

I hope his final smash isn't as annoying as it is in Brawl. Sure, final smashes are ideally supposed to KO your opponents immediately, but something about his final smash in Brawl seemed cheap.



Joetherocker said:

As long as I can troll my friends by hiding and having him yell "You're too slow!" over and over again he's perfect.



Benjelo said:

I do like sonic as a S.S.B. character. I enjoyed playing him in brawl. The only thing I don't like is that his attacks are not all that diverse. All you do the whole game is get into that spin ball thing the whole game (at least for me).



AntiGuy said:

Sonic's all about the hands man! Hardcore!!! although he looks a bit more cartoonish here than in brawl... heck, I think that applies to every character..! O_o



WinterWarm said:

I'm surprised by the lack of 3DS screenshots. It's actually stupid. Sorry, it's true. And before I get swarmed by people saying 'Be grateful for these!' , no. I don't have a WiiU. If Nintendo wants my money they better show me why they should get it!

As I've asked before: are the maps and characters the same for versions? I don't mean graphics, I mean layout and selection. Someone please answer, I've asked this every SSB4 article.


He be the next Michael Jackson with dem gloves yo.



XFsWorld said:

@WinterWarm As of what I heard: the 3DS version will have maps that came from handheld games (ex.Super Mario 3D Land and Zelda: Spirit Tracks)....Wii U version maps come from home console games like Metroid: Other M or Pikmin 3.



Genesaur said:

@Jellitoe In regards to Simon Belmont, I never understood why he wasn't picked instead of Snake for Konami's addition. It would have made SO much more sense.

My favourite screenshot is Sonic spinball-bonking Luigi on the noggin. Dodging Samus' blast and anything involving Sonic vs. Mega Man are just plain awesome.



Socar said:

Sonic looks gorgeous in both versions! Can't wait to get this game on 3DS.



Kirk said:


"In regards to Simon Belmont, I never understood why he wasn't picked instead of Snake for Konami's addition. It would have made SO much more sense."

Well Belmont would probably have been more naturally suited to the Smash Bros gameplay but Snake is by far Konami's most popular character so it makes sense that they went for him.



Kirk said:

Nintendo really should just buy Sega and secure all it's games as first party exclusives.

There's a crap load of classic Sega games that we haven't seen in ages that I think Nintendo's teams could really do justice.



Genesaur said:

I guess I was never a fan of Metal Gear, and when I was a kid, I actually thought that Castlevania was a Nintendo property. Just so odd to me that Sakurai didn't even seem to consider it.



UnseatingKDawg said:

Good to see SEGA's mascot back in action. Hopefully they tweaked Sonic a tad though - he has speed, but needs a little more power to match.



Sethmumu said:

Remember the comic series "Worlds Collide"? Where Megaman and Sonic meet and team up to defeat Dr Wily and Dr Eggman,Well there meeting again!

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