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Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures To Come to Life in March 2014

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Not the spookiest time of the year

Earlier this year we learned that Pac-Man And The Ghostly Adventures would come to both Wii U and 3DS, another return — one of many — for Namco Bandai's most recognisable mascot. Originally pegged for Winter 2013, the publisher has now revealed that the title will arrive a little later than expected in Europe on 7th March 2014; we're yet to see an announcement confirming the North American release date.

While Pac-Man is rarely away from various consoles, it's a mascot still best known for its original and simple pellet gobbling antics. Plenty has changed since then, with the character appearing in a surprising variety of genres — this one tackles 2.5D platforming on the 3DS, looks like a 3D adventure on Wii U and is based on a TV show of the same name.

It's a while away yet, in any case. Let us know whether this one is on your radar in the comments below, and if you're curious to know more you can always check out our first impressions of the 3DS version.

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AdanVC said:

This is cool I might actually get it eventually... I don't know, what if by the time of this release, Pac-Man gets announced for Smash Bros as well? It would be awesome.



Volmun said:

im ferly looking forward to this it reminds me of PAC-MAN World on the PS1



redsoul91 said:

not sure why people are begging for pac-man in Smash.. yes, he's an iconic game character, but can you honestly imagine a creative moveset? I mean sure - if you told me Wii Fit Trainer should be in there last year I would have asked the same thing (and now she's the character I'm looking the most forward to playing with), but still.. I just can't see it



LeVideoGamer said:

@redsoul91 Not gonna lie, I have no clue how he'd work as a playable character, and there are quite a lot of characters that I want more, but I like the idea. I'd take Pac-Man over Snake any day.

Mario vs. Sonic vs. Mega Man vs. Pac-Man would just be my childhood rolled into one game. There's not a lot of third party characters that deserve to be represented, but I think Pac-Man is one of them. I think Namco deserve at least one character for helping with the game, and no character makes more sense than their mascot.



Haxonberik said:

I hope if Pac Man actually comes to Super Smash Bros, they dont base it on this design. It looks like some sort of annoying teenage version of Pac Man or something... I just know I dont like it



element187 said:

@LeVideoGamer It looks like a Pac Man game. The character models look pretty much standard from what you can expect of a round person who eats pills... I think most of its purchasing demographic will be people who remember the original game in the arcades back in the 80's... or the sit down arcade machines at Pizza Huts all over America (god I lost so many quarters to this game)

As one who lived through those years as a child, I will probably purchase it strictly on a nostaglia basis to see how much PacMan has evolved in almost 34 years.



shredmeister said:

It's on my Radar, and I was mislead to believe it would've been out before Christmas. That's two games, including DKC:Tropical Freeze, that I had to take off my Christmas wish list so far.



Gerbwmu said:

@Haxonberik This game is based on a TV show on Disney. It is a teenage version of a Pac-man and in my opinion is a pretty bad cartoon. I doubt Disney is trying to draw me in as a viewer though. I'm hoping the game is better then the show



luminalace said:

I'm much more excited for Namco Museum which is still scheduled to release later this year. I have heard nothing but good things about Pacman CE!



StarDust4Ever said:

I had fun on Pacman World 2 on the Game Cube. If this game is half as fun, it's a winner in my book.



NintendoPro64 said:


Oh the memories I had with Pacman World 2 on GCN. I am actually getting this because it looks like the closest thing we'll get to a Pac Man World 4. I actually hope they delay in North America too. It wouldn't have a chance against Super Mario 3D World and Sonic Lost World and coming out in March would allow it to launch after Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze, free of any competition.



element187 said:

@Davidiam007 the multiplayer looks amazing. Kinda like Mario chase but with a twist where the roles can reverse during the match.

I hope its 5 player on Wii U... 60fps would be nice as well.

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