Wii Street U powered by Google may not be a major part of the Wii U software library, but it can be a fun extra and, essentially, a bit of a tech-demo to show friends. So far the app allows you to check out worldwide locations and utilise the GamePad motion sensors for that classic "window to the world" feel, while Miiverse sharing adds a little extra.

Today's Wii Fit U Direct did reveal a new feature that allows you to 'walk' through these virtual streets by taking steps on the Balance Board to move forward, while leaning left and right will turn you around. This update is available now, while the free app will be available for download until 31st October.

This is perhaps a rather gimmicky use of the Balance Board but, ultimately, it's free, so what the heck are we complaining about?

Will you be downloading the update and going for a virtual walk in a glamorous location?