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Wii Street U Update Allows You to Walk the Virtual Streets

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Time to bust out the Balance Board

Wii Street U powered by Google may not be a major part of the Wii U software library, but it can be a fun extra and, essentially, a bit of a tech-demo to show friends. So far the app allows you to check out worldwide locations and utilise the GamePad motion sensors for that classic "window to the world" feel, while Miiverse sharing adds a little extra.

Today's Wii Fit U Direct did reveal a new feature that allows you to 'walk' through these virtual streets by taking steps on the Balance Board to move forward, while leaning left and right will turn you around. This update is available now, while the free app will be available for download until 31st October.

This is perhaps a rather gimmicky use of the Balance Board but, ultimately, it's free, so what the heck are we complaining about?

Will you be downloading the update and going for a virtual walk in a glamorous location?

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ajcismo said:

Its a neat idea for the BB. At least it gives both the app and the perif some purpose with each other.



manu0 said:

Is this the first use then of the Balance Board in Wii U software?



Kirk said:

I still think this whole Google Street View thing on Wii U is a bit of a crappy throwaway gimmick.

I mean seriously, walking down a virtual street comprised of static images that update about once a second as some form of "virtual tourism"

Who's seriously going to use that for more than a few minutes at most?

If the actual App itself were properly free then maybe it wouldn't really matter but it isn't really free because it's only available for free download until October so it's a limited time offer and after that it's actually going to cost money to try this "thing".

Not convinced in slightest.

Nintendo had a couple of decent announcements today with the specifics of Wii Fit U and Wii Sports Club but this is the crap announcement, IMO, to go along with those and bring balance to the Nintendo Universe.



rjejr said:

So, anybody try it yet, it looked really awkward while he was describing it. We don't have our balance board synced up yet.

I like the Street view app and use it on occasion - I'm always looking at maps for stuff. But going into the app is 1 thing, going into the app, moving stuff, dragging out the balance board, and navigating while standing on it sounds like way too much work.

I was going to go test it out but think I just talked myself out of it.

On that other virtual view app - if you could control your forwards and backward motion in that while you looked around on the Gamepad, that I could see being more enjoyable. But I'll never pay the $1.99 to DL any of them.

Oh well, guess there was a reason they shoehorned this in between Wii Fit U and Wii Sports (not U) Club.



Nintenjoe64 said:

Combine this feature with a zapper and some aliens invading on the street view screen and that would be an awesome game. Who needs GTAV when you can have the entire (google maps) world as your playing area?



Nintenjoe64 said:

@Kirk it's not a particularly worthwhile feature for street view but the Wii U is the only system that has this feature and it could be applied into a good game.

I would use the Balance board for pedals in a driving game or a light gun game where I could move by moving my weight around. The sad thing is that with the low install base and unbelievable lack of imagination from 3rd parties (when it comes to Wii U games), we may never see experimental game styles like this on Wii U.



WiiLovePeace said:

I'm looking forward to trying this out, just gotta buy 4 AA batteries or finally get rechargeable ones & use them (I already have special rechargeable battery packs for my Wiimotes which obviously aren't compatible with the Wii Fit board). Awesomely fun addition & it'll get me exercising too haha



SKTTR said:

Taking a sweat getting the Balance Board out the shelf and putting it onto the ground?
Just too lazy setting it up?
Too much work, too little gain?
Ironically that's when you know you should actually use it more.



element187 said:

@Kirk Do you ever post anything positive about Nintendo?

Google streetview has its uses. I used it to show my wife where her mothers house is in Bangkok. She got a little misty-eyed being home sick and being able to see her front door like she was really standing there and able to pan the gamepad around.... But hey, its all worthless application that has zero use, right?



element187 said:

"Combine this feature with a zapper and some aliens invading on the street view screen and that would be an awesome game. Who needs GTAV ..."

@Nintenjoe64 Talk about open world sandbox!

It would be nice if third parties would think of some cool ideas for all this unique hardware. But publishers only want the least amount of investment.. If they could program a pile of dog crap and sell it, they would and in some cases (EA, Gearbox, etc) they already have

But we will only get whatever Nintendo comes up with because third parties don't see the point in investing to be creative and different.... Hopefully an indie developer comes up with some cool uses for the unique hardware (both gamepad, wiimote +, and balance board)



Kirk said:



In fact, if you quieten your inner fanboy for two seconds and actually check the last few Nintendo Life articles for any of my posts (if you can be bothered), specifically the Wii Sports Club and Wii Fit U ones, you'd actually notice this.

Your selective fanboy brain apparently only notices/remembers the comments you don't like to hear however.



letsplay said:

Wow. I've been wishing for this a long time. To walk in different parts of the world. Nice.



Lobster said:

I remember showing the app to my dad a while back and he asked if he could use the balance board with it and I had to tell him no... So obviously other people had the same idea. He was actually pretty excited to hear about it when I told him.



Marioman64 said:

it's odd how they remove free things, remember the internet browser on the wii? it was free for a bit, then people were charged money, and then they were like "oops never mind, here's your money back"



grayadamson said:

I actually reckon this is a fantastic idea. Bear in mind the Wii Balance Board is primarily used as a keep-fit tool. I'm sure if the weather's crappy or if you just don't want to leave the house, it'd be nice to have a little bit of scenery pass you by on your cardio exercise.



RetroBillyT said:

Yes people, I have actually tried it out, and I can tell was actually quite fun for about 15 minutes! I zoomed to Albuquerque, NM where I spent a long hot summer 20 years ago and 'walked' around my old haunts. Well, I say 'walked', I kind of mean plodded on the spot. It was defintiely more immersive than the normal software and could be a good feature for Wii Fit if the locations were properly modelled in 3D. One for the future methinks- but as an extra app, it can't really hurt.



Savino said:

I tried it here and is AWESOME!!! Now I can walk through a lot of places!!!!



DarkEdi said:

It is a very creative idea. It could be excellent for a download game, you walk and kill aliens with the wiimote or pointing with the gamepad, while walking with the balance board (or nunchuk if you don´t have balance board or the left stick in the gamepad) 3 options to play!



Gamersteven said:

how to set up my wii balance board to wii u so i can walk around the world without leaving my home



orravan85 said:

I tired it out last night. Found myself having an incredible amount of fun with it. I set up the map so my 4 year old son had to walk from this ice cream shop I went to as a kid; then had him walk for about 10 blocks to get to the house I grew up in. It was fun, as I pointed out places to him and their meanings to me.

Then I took a "jog" through his mother's small home town. Visiting her dad's place and then "jogging" to his work pretty far away to the coke-cola factory. I acthually build up a good sweat "jogging" in place. I thin I was "jogging" for maybe 40 minutes. My wife was having a blast directing me through her old home town.



Kolzig said:

Shame it's no longer free, would've loved to test that now that I have a Wii U.

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