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Awesome videogamer

Male, 38, Ireland

I had 2 Disc Jockey gigs so far, my DJ name is Smertrius. Ive finish Disc Jockey course at realsound dublin studios.I live in an apartment with a kingsize bed in ringsend dublin, Ive finish CompTIA A+ =computer technician in Dublin. Green is my favorite color. Ive all nintendo games

Wed 6th Feb 2013

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Gamersteven commented on Video: Watch Two People Unbox The Zelda: Wind ...:

one problem with that you have download the game, i rather have the in separate game case with wiiu wind waker console and gamepad, because what i cant set up the wii u online lol i cant play the game, normal deluxe/premiere edition without wind waker has nintendo land in its own game case why cant do the same with wiiu wind waker bundle, and lot of my find its hard to get the wii online i sure they find wii u hard to get online to do download it.