Earlier this year we reported on Citizens of Earth, a humourous RPG in which you are the world's Vice President and recruit from up to 50 characters for a wacky quest. It was reported that it would come to the Wii U in 2014, alongside PC, Mac, iPhone and Android.

That was back in March, and it seems the project's scope and progress has somewhat evolved since then. Developer EdenIndustries has now launched a Kickstarter campaign, with just PC, Linux and Mac as the initial confirmed targets should 100,000 Canadian dollars be raised in the next 27 days. The Wii U is the first console stretch goal at $160,000, with the 3DS following closely behind on $170,000; at the time of writing the campaign has had a relatively quiet start, accumulating a little over $5000 in its first couple of days.

The presence of the Wii U is no surprise, as the developer has cited EarthBound's style as a major influence, and as a result would like to publish on Nintendo's home console. The goal for the 3DS seems to be primarily driven by the experience of some of the team, as some have clearly done work for Next Level Games in the past — four of the team have Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon credits to their name.

They're early days in the campaign, so we'll see whether those Wii U and 3DS targets are reached. If you want to see what it's all about check out the video below.

Thanks to Ryan Millar for the tip.

[via kickstarter.com]