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You've just been elected as Vice President of the World... So what now?

Recruit your friends, your family, and everyone else around town to join your party and fight your battles! In this modern-day retro-RPG, you have returned home from the campaign trails for a little taxpayer-funded vacation... to find things have gone mad! Only YOU have the charisma it takes to delegate all the dirty work and save the world. So don't ask what you can do for your countrymen...Ask what your countrymen can do for you!

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Posted by Conor McMahon

Citizens, Unite Up!!

ATTENTION ALL RESIDENTS OF THIS FINE, BLUE PLANET WE CALL EARTH! Permit me a moment and I'll show you that role playing games don't all have to be about swinging swords and finding mystical artifacts. They don't have to use that tired old fantasy setting...

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Poki said:

Looks very cool! Should be released March 14 according to Metacritic, which is pretty soon. Hope it's not overly expensive, but it sure looks like it's worth a spin.



ALinkttPresent said:

Atlus' first Wii U game, and the first 3rd party game of the year that looks interesting! I hope it gets a good review, I'm a fan of Atlus' work on Nintendo systems.

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