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Sat 30th Mar 2013

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EdenIndustries commented on Citizens of Earth Development Team Includes Fo...:

@brandonbwii Thank you! We think the animations have a lot of character! Although I admit, screenshots do not do them justice. Perhaps people need to see it in motion.

Plus regarding the Wii U, don't give up on it so fast! The fact of the matter is that Nintendo has been very supportive of us so far (even sending us a dev kit in the hopes that we'd port it) and we have in fact already begun the port. The Wii U port is something I personally feel very strongly about, and I really do hope that one way or another it'll happen. Hitting the stretch goal would make that very easy, and ensure that the Wii U port is given the care it deserves and a simultaneous release. But I'm hopeful of release on Wii U even without the stretch goal.



EdenIndustries commented on Citizens of Earth Development Team Includes Fo...:

@mamp We're putting a ton of effort into designing each Citizen to be unique from the ground up, don't worry! Many Citizens have completely unique battle abilities that I've programmed specifically for him or her. So they each feel super unique.

That being said, we are definitely also encouraging a play-style of trying out new characters. In contrast to games you might be familiar with like Pokemon and Suikoden that don't do anything to encourage experimentation, there's a ton of incentive to do that in Citizens of Earth through the unique World Abilities that I've mentioned.

Moreover, you don't need to worry about grinding up low-level Citizens either! By dropping them in the School for a while to gain some passive EXP or by utilizing the auto-win system against weak enemies, you can get any Citizen into fighting shape in no time! This way you're rewarded for experimentation, and not punished for switching to a low-level character.

I hope that answered your question, but please feel free to ask for more details if there's something I can clarify for you.



EdenIndustries commented on Citizens of Earth Development Team Includes Fo...:

@Kyloctopus Currently the online multiplayer features one team of Citizens vs. another team. So you choose your favourite 3 and pit them up against a friend or rival to see who has the better strategy! We're still working on some of the specifics, but it's already a pretty fun feature amongst the team here at Eden Industries

Actually stats are handled in a pretty fun way in CoE. So first off, each Citizen has a unique rate of growth per stat. But, the customization comes in to play in the fact that when a Citizen levels up, he or she will receive boosts to stats based on who else is in the party.

Let me give you an example. Let's say you have a party consisting of the Brother, Conspiracy Guy, and Police Officer. The Brother's most prominent stat according to his natural growth is HP. The Conspiracy Guy's is Focus, and the Police Officer's is Defense. When the Brother levels up, he'll receive all of his normal stat boosts from his natural growth, plus extra bonuses to Focus and Defense as provided by the other Citizens. In this way, you can customize stat growth for each Citizen by pairing them up with other Citizens who have the stats you want.

In some ways, this is similar to the way stats are handled in Pokemon (if you're familiar with how the IV's and EV's work) but we tried to make it a more more transparent process so that it's really obvious how to craft the Citizen that you want to make.

Thanks for the great questions! Let me know if you have any others.



EdenIndustries commented on Citizens of Earth Development Team Includes Fo...:

@Kyloctopus Great question! So we've purposefully designed the game's content to be enjoyed pretty much however you like playing RPGs. There's a TON of content to discover and explore. Most of the Citizens are optional, and there are many optional dungeons and environments. Moreover, the gameplay possibilities created by the World Abilities of the various Citizens can create a ton of replayability and supplementary content and features to explore.

Now that all being said, you'll notice that the keyword in all that is optional. For the player that wants a fast 10-12 hour game where they just hit the highlights, you'll find that in Citizens of Earth. For a player that wants to discover all of the depth that an RPG has to offer with dozens of hours of gameplay and tons of secrets, etc., you'll find that as well!

So in terms of how long the game is, I'd ask, what kind of player are you? The game pretty much supports however long you want it to be!

And this idea of supporting the individual styles of each player is a design theme that runs throughout the whole game. The entire equipment system, character roster system, stat growth, and many others have been designed to be as streamlined as possible, without sacrificing depth.

So essentially, you can go as deep or as shallow as you want, and we're prepared to have an exciting experience for you!