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Video: Ubisoft Wraps Up Splinter Cell Blacklist Details in a Neat Bow

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Seven minutes to introduce the various modes and features

Splinter Cell Blacklist will arrive on the Wii U next week, one of a number of high profile multi-platform third-party releases coming over the remainder of the year. It includes many of the features most common in modern games, with online co-op and multiplayer joining the single player campaign.

Over the past few months Ubisoft has been sharing various details on the title, but if you've not been paying attention there's now a lengthy trailer outlining the various game modes, gadgets and play approaches that have been touted and hyped. Narrated by a voice we'll describe as 'dude-esque', we're told all about gadgets, different ways of clearing missions and the various modes on offer.

You can check it out below, and also learn more in our interview with Producer Liu Jun, in which we were told about GamePad features and DLC support, as well as the absence of local co-op; the latter was a big disappointment to some members of the Nintendo Life community.

Is this on your wishlist for next week or further down the line?

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DePapier said:

Considering budget, time and hype, I'm sorry for all the work, Ubisoft Shanghai, but I'll go with The Wonderful 101 (here in Europe).



Warruz said:

Why is local co op missing? Local Co-op is perfect for wii u due to the gamepad, no split screen.



Volmun said:

im percinly not to botherd about losing the Local Co-op id be far more enoyed to lose the Online eniway im likeing the look of this but idk if i can afford it -_-



digga said:

i think it looks really good and us wii u owners need more grown up games,, im lookin forward to it



orravan85 said:

Sweetness! Man, I just bought pikman 3! Gotta go format a hard drive and up my memory space for this. Or would a 16GB SD card be enough?



C-Olimar said:

@Volmun It seems so obvious now :/
With Wii U the full online experience is completely free, so though it may not be as good as PSN or XBL, I don't think the local co-op will be missed much.



Ecto-1 said:

I may pick this up at some point, but I won't have the extra money to anytime soon with every other game that has my interest.



GiftedGimp said:

For Months People have been moaning about games having no online, yet many games having Local co-op or vs versus modes. Ok the WiiU version has lost Local co-op, but there are loads of games on WiiU that support local multiplayer anyway.
Besides Ubisoft have said All maps, dlc and content, barring the local co-op is on or coming to the WiiU which means that local co-op could technically be added at later date via a patch. The only reason local co-op was left out was so that the WiiU version would ship at the same time as other versions, and thats probably due to extra development time to taken to use the gamepad in ways only a second screen would allow. Having said that wether patching local co-op is a unannounced posibility or not for Ubisoft to even consider it Splintercell would have to sell well in the first place, lets hope it does (and other ubi titles heading to WiiU) after all Ubisoft are watching how well thier titles sell on WiiU on the run up to christmas so they can decide just long they will continue to support WiiU. I for one would hate to lose another 3rd party developers support.



element187 said:

@GiftedGimp Thats why this is a perfect rental game.... I did the same thing for Sniper. You remove features and I feel like I'm trying to be forced to purchase features I wont get to play... If its missing a big component, especially to Nintendo gamers (Local multiplayer has always been a staple of Nintendo systems), why should we pay full price for it?

I know WIi U needs more games, but I'm a consumer, not a charity.



Shanksta said:

I'm getting this for sure despite no local play, since it doesn't seem like my brother will play it anyway. I really hope I can find someone else online who likes to play this game coop. It's a bummer there isn't a social network or something that will put me in contact with others who like playing the same games as me on the WiiU... oh wait.



ricklongo said:

Glad this is coming, which should be good for the system's health. Not my thing, though, so it's definitely a pass.



JaxonH said:

Despite the game lacking local co-op, I have had this game pre ordered for months, and am very excited to play through the campaign. Even though I live with my gamer brother, he never plays multiplayer with me. He's always playing his 100-hour RPGs, and won't even set aside 15 minutes for a round of Pikmin 3 Bingo Battle. Oh well. I'm used to it, and have learned to get my fun from single player campaigns, of which Splinter Cell Blacklist's looks quite impressive.



JaxonH said:

I do agree with you, but that doesn't mean I would ever buy a bad/mediocre 3rd party game just to support the publisher and keep their support. In this case, however, the game looks excellent and I already have it pre ordered, as I do The Wonderful 101, Sonic Lost World, Rayman Legends, Batman Arkham Origins, Assassin's Creed 4, Watch Dogs, Call of Duty Ghosts, Deus Ex Human Revolution, and Bayonetta 2.

The Wii U may not get MUCH 3rd party support, but the bright side is almost every single core 3rd party game that comes to the system is one worth buying. I've already purchased every single core 3rd party game out for the Wii U thus far, with the exception of Sniper Elite v2 (waiting for price to drop to $20) and Resident Evil Revelations (own it on 3DS, waiting for price to drop to $20). DLC and co-op are non-issues to me, so I'm a happy camper with the support Wii U is receiving.



Dpishere said:

I will end up getting this game, though without local it will not be at full price. Local was the number 1 reason I loved Conviction so much, as I loved to play with my bro. Knowing that other consoles will get it, and the Wii U won't definitely gives me a reason to wait.



MadJay1664 said:

I preordered this but I might not go pick it up now because I was looking forward to local coop with my friends & family



lilman390 said:

I'm getting this game. I love the splinter cell series. I can't wait to play this on my wii u.



GiftedGimp said:

@JaxonH Your right, I'm sorry if you misunderstood. I would not support any sub-standard game just to support 3rd party publishers and wouldn't expect anyone else too either.
Its not the best thing to lose local co-op, but there are plenty of local mp games on WiiU, and given what WiiU only features splintercell has that require the gamepad, which would of added to development time, along with being on of the few online enabled WiiU games Ubisoft should be given a bit of slack at the moment. The other option would be have the game release a few months later which would of caused complaints and reduced sales of the WiiU version even more as people would not of waited for the gamepad features and brought Splintercell on other platforms.
If (hopefully when) things turn around for the WiiU, and theres a sizable userbase and game sales are inline with what publishers want them to be then having modes or content cut will not be excusable.



defrb said:

Pass, co-op is most important to me. Will pick it up for 20 euro or less =)



sinalefa said:

May get on the cheap or after local co op is added, if they add it. I will be getting Rayman Legends full price anyway.



Elhijodelrio said:

, hip hip hooray a grown person title, i love it.. Hope co op will arrive via patch, mature title... Hip hip hooray



oldhbk76 said:

wii u pro controller supported, I dont want to play spies vs mercs with gamepad for hours on end ?

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