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There's a Real-Life Mario Kart for Sale

Posted by Tim Latshaw

Don’t kick the tires

Ever wanted your very own life-sized Mario Kart? Or at least a replica that appeared in a TV spot? Your chance is now on that dream market called eBay!

A Luigi Bumblebee Kart is currently listed for bidding, starting at $1,000 and closing shortly before 5 p.m. PDT on 10th August. Of course, if you want to forgo the excitement of auctions, you can Buy It Now for $8,000.

The kart was given as the grand prize in a 2011 Disney sweepstakes, along with a 3DS and a copy of Mario Kart 7 (neither included with this auction). According to the seller, the kart seemed like it had an engine at one time, but was not delivered with one. That didn’t seem to deter her daughter’s enjoyment of it much, and it had to serve as quite the front yard centerpiece for some time.

Would you want this karting keepsake in your home? Let us know in the comments, and good luck if you choose to bid (but if you have that much money to spend, you probably don’t need any)!


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Emblem said:

That does look like an awesome present to give to a MK fan. Shame it can only be pushed around, even a pedal system would have been nice.



Mk_II said:

Hey, that's the kart i was talking about here a couple of days ago.. this is the perfect award for that boy who took over the wheel of a car and saved his family



Obito_Sigma said:

Come on, just look at that little girl, she's so happy. I wonder who was the Nintendo fan in that family. They couldn't be a true Nintendo fan if they'd rather sell 8,000 for this beautiful contraption. I'm not rich, but I would definitely not put a price on this, never. I would ride it to McDonalds and pick up a burger. I would go to a museum with this sweet ride. I would take across the country. In fact, I would even cross the boarder to Mexico with that beauty. I'll never give it up.



WinterWarm said:


Please tell me how the crap you used that emoticon.

Anyway, wasn't something similar to this in a Nintendo eShop Video? I think it was Jesse from Nintendo Show 3D an Comic Con. . .

I still miss those.



idork99 said:

I also miss Nintendo Show 3D!

And I was more interested in the Soda Jet Model so, no thanks.



NintendoFlow said:

You can race that thing Downhill style who needs pedals or an engine! Just put a way to slow down and brake. lol



Dodger said:

I think Gamestop gave some away also but those have engines. This is separate, I think.



WYLD-WOO said:


Go on Sheldon, put a bid in? I would be quite happy driving around all day like Fred Flintstone in that sweet kart. Who needs a engine with a sweet ride like that.



Gioku said:

If it once had an engine, someone with some mechanic skills could easily put an engine in it.



OorWullie said:

I can't believe that they left it sitting out in an open garden for so long and nobody attempted to steal it.I know that where I grew up in Scotland it would be gone and sold for a few quid to the local smack dealer before the days out.



Ras said:

By the way, somebody bid on it, so the $8,000 option is gone. She has a vague idea there was an engine because of some buttons and wires, but I think these were the cars Reg posed in front of for shows before the game came out (the ones Gamestop gave away were made by the West Coast Customs guys and were fully operational), and I think they are just props. I doubt if the wheels even spin.

I'd like to have it, don't have the money, and those tires do look like they're in rough shape. I doubt if Luigi's sponge tires would be in great shape after a race, so maybe that's more realistic.



Shambo said:

If I were Xzibit, I'd buy it now, 'get ma crew 2gettha' and tell them to ONLY put a working engine in there. Then I'd dress up as Luigi and cruise the WORLD.

Sadly, I'm not.

But there's a Plumb my Ride: the Movie concept I'd watch.



blesslife said:

its still at 1 grand whoever wants to buy this is a steal ! it can drive and value of over 13 grand



Blue_Yoshi said:

Seems like such a waste to sell a one of a kind item for a mere couple thousand. Like how hard up is this family?



Big_Boy_Chubs said:

They probobaly need the money to pay rent......everyones experiencing hard times right now. She looks really happy inside that kart though.



SheldonRandoms said:

The bids over 2000 dollars now, and it's probably going to increase, so i'm afraid the new owner of this kart won't bee me



heather651 said:

@Obito_Tennyson : hi, we're huge Nintendo/Super Mario little girl(pictured above) was over the moon when it first arrived..we were offered money many times for it...she flatly refused...however, now she has tired of it and wants to be rid of was sweet while it lasted...



heather651 said:

@Ras hello...there are foot pedals and the wheels work and yes, they're rough due to its use in the tv ad



heather651 said:

@OorWullie The 1st week we had it, someone tried to take it...I guess they realized it was quite heavy and required more than 2 hands to lift up and over a fenced yard...from that point on, we chained it down..



heather651 said:

hello all...I tried to reply to many of the posts so, I'll just explain here...I'm the mama of the little girl pictured...she owns the kart...From day one of the contest, it was her mission to win that and I went about doing it to in hopes she would (I entered every single day to win this for her). Her and her little friends loved this kart...but, sadly, she grew tired of it last month. We're not poor people nor are we rich...we're just us...and for good or bad, we try to make her happy. She's a Nintendo fan believe me...she's a serious gamer for a 7 year old. she has old school and new school Nintendo gaming systems. she's not spoiled by any means, she's Angelina...



Obito_Sigma said:

@heather651 That's good to hear the voice from the Kart Owner. Apparently, you just made an account to tell us that. I respect that, and we hope that you get a new happy owner of that kart. Maybe it might end up in a Nintendo museum some day. Good luck.

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