Shin Megami Tensei IV arrives on 3DS in North America on 16th July, something that'll surely be keenly celebrated by fans of the series. Not only is it likely to provide an epic RPG adventure, but there'll also be a mix of free and paid DLC available from launch day, too.

Perhaps the biggest bonus for early adopters is the rather generous pre-order incentive; anyone who secures a first-print copy before launch day will receive the Limited Edition Box Set. As a pre-order incentive it'd be unsurprising if expectations were low, yet it includes a gorgeous 176 page Strategy Guide — which looks to be packed with concept art, too — an eight track soundtrack CD and a collectable slipcase with artwork designed by Masuayuki Doi.

Atlus has now released an official unboxing video of what pre-order gamers can look forward to, which is also undoubtedly an effort to tempt others into taking the plunge. The coverage includes a mandatory sniff-test of that new box smell, while the point is made loud and clear that those that pick up the game shouldn't delay in registering it on Club Nintendo.

Check it out in all of its limited edition glory below.