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Video: This Shin Megami Tensei IV Limited Edition Set is a Thing of Beauty

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

All pre-orders get this package

Shin Megami Tensei IV arrives on 3DS in North America on 16th July, something that'll surely be keenly celebrated by fans of the series. Not only is it likely to provide an epic RPG adventure, but there'll also be a mix of free and paid DLC available from launch day, too.

Perhaps the biggest bonus for early adopters is the rather generous pre-order incentive; anyone who secures a first-print copy before launch day will receive the Limited Edition Box Set. As a pre-order incentive it'd be unsurprising if expectations were low, yet it includes a gorgeous 176 page Strategy Guide — which looks to be packed with concept art, too — an eight track soundtrack CD and a collectable slipcase with artwork designed by Masuayuki Doi.

Atlus has now released an official unboxing video of what pre-order gamers can look forward to, which is also undoubtedly an effort to tempt others into taking the plunge. The coverage includes a mandatory sniff-test of that new box smell, while the point is made loud and clear that those that pick up the game shouldn't delay in registering it on Club Nintendo.

Check it out in all of its limited edition glory below.

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Kyloctopus said:

I'm so happy I pre-ordered this. The physical manual is somewhat of a bummer, but I lose them anyways.



MideonNViscera said:

I don't get how this is an incentive. It costs $50 on That's $10 more than most 3DS games and $15 more than some. Is it not $50 through GameStop or something?



HereticDogma said:

@MideonNViscera It's 50 everywhere. But for the amount of content the game offers, it should be well worth it even without the extra pre-order goodies. It's gonna be a big game.



HereticDogma said:

@MideonNViscera Honestly not sure, that's up to them. But all of the SMT games have been excellent imo so if you're considering it, I would do it. Or you could try Nocturne for the PS2 if you have one. It's like 20 bucks for a copy. Strange Journey for the DS or Soul Hackers for 3ds also. But SMTIV looks way better.



Shambo said:

@Sjoerd Same here... Europe rarely gets collector's editions for Nintendo games though as a collector myself, I absolutely dislike that.

And THIS here, got my mouth watering... So, in my name as well...




Einherjar said:

For everyone who has NOT played an SMT game before: Do yourself a favor and try one before buying this more expansive collectors edition. Sure, the goodies are nice, but SMT is a series that is defenitly NOT for everyone.
It can be compared to etrian oddyssey in terms of depth and difficulty, with a little bit of weirdness when it comes to the plot and the monster / character designs.
Try to get a hold of the old PS2 games (anything NOT persona, the setup is quite different)
If youre willing to pay for the pre order goodies, do so. But if you just want the game as a newcomer, try to play some of them first, they really play in a league of their own Its defenitly not your typically run off the mill JRPG



AVahne said:

What do you mean? When it comes to first party Nintendo games, you guys get special editions far more often than America. Third party games like this are another story though.



Einherjar said:

@Rapido Absolutely Also, it serves another purpose as it is arguably one of the harder ones of the series. So, if you can stand the setting, art design AND the absolutely unforgiving difficulty (were talking about "surprise attack one round kills" here, just because you planned your skill settings wrong a couple of hours ago ), than you can invest whatever you want into this fine package



Shambo said:

@Koto last story and pandora's tower are some of the only ones i know that really added some valuable collectibles. especially when both those games and xenoblade were registered, you got three beautiful coins from club nintendo.
oh and monster hunter tri on wii, in the chest-like box.
and lego harry potter years 1-4



ShadJV said:

Hmm. I'll save myself a few bucks and not get the collectors edition (the normal release will be $40, right?), I am a newcomer and don't need it on launch day, I'm in the middle of other games. I was considering the collector's edition until I found out the strategy guide doesn't cover the full game, I would rather have a complete guide for my first foray into the series.



thatguyEZ said:

already got this bad boy pre-ordered, just waiting on the 16th and i'll be holding it my hands <333 so excited



B3ND3R said:

I've had this pre-ordered since the day localization was announced! I am a HUGE SMT fan (have every entry that came out in the US) and with just 12 days away until I have this, I am SO PUMPED.



B3ND3R said:

@HereticDogma They say the game is 50-60 hours long... Without sidequests... With sidequests, about 100... Throw that amount of content with a branch-pathed storyline and multiple endings... Yeah... Lots of hours.



HereticDogma said:

@B3ND3R Exactly. I'm excited. Well worth the money. And it seems like they are doing DLC like Fire Emblem did. Which I'm okay with. It'll add extra content for those that want it without taking anything away from the game.



B3ND3R said:

@HereticDogma Yeah, I think the first dungeon DLC is free, and pre-ordering at GameStop gets you a special armor set... I also heard that some of the early free DLC gives you different equip-able hair-styles for the main character... Not sure if that's just a rumor or if it is actually something they will do... Regardless, I cannot wait for this to be in my hands!



One-Winged-Pit said:

I preordered this over a month ago on Amazon and cannot wait! I really liked Strange Journey so I hope this is better.



ueI said:

This does look very nice, but I will not be preordering it because I don't want to encourage the retailer exclusive game content.



arrmixer said:

I'm actually intrigued with this series. Heard good things.. The only thing I'm hesitant on diving in isn't the difficulty, or time investment... It's just the dark theme of the story .. How dark of a theme is this???



HereticDogma said:

@arrmixer Generally speaking, they're pretty dark. Premise is usually angels vs demons, and you're in there too. Haha. But it's part of the atmosphere that draws a lot in. It's a nice deviation from "happy-go-lucky" (I use that phrase lightly still) type RPG's.



HereticDogma said:

@ueI I know the majority of US retailers aren't actually doing the exclusive content. For example, if you order it from Best Buy, you don't get any extra dlc costumes to my knowledge.



HereticDogma said:

@arrmixer You make the protagonists' decisions for the most part. There's almost always at least 1 law path, 1 chaos path, and 1 neutral path. Can be more than that though.



Wowfunhappy said:

Awww, this stuff is cool but I want the digital copy, because I don't like swapping game carts.



Relias said:

Think of SMT this way.. let's say your used to Final Fantasy, Tales, (Insert other Generic RPG here) and then you went back and played an old Dungeons and Dragons Game on the PC... and I am not talking Neverwinter Nights.. or Baldur's Gate.. I am talking the old ones where you created a Wizard and he had like 1-3 HP.. and a Goblin with a Sling could kill him in one shot... That is SMT... it is brutal in character design.. (Somethings may make you crap your pants) as a matter of fact you would be comfortable watching a movie based off this game on a horror marathon for Halloween...but it is brutal in difficulty as well.. it will kill you relentlessly.. and laugh at your passing.. if you don't bring the right strategy... and there is no auto save.. or save points everywhere.. put that with the fact that you can find the right strategy for one area/room.. and go into another and get slaughtered.. well.. needless to say.. you had better be pretty hardcore.. and have a lot of patience because it is worth it... and they are all great games.. but pwepare to die... a lot..



Doma said:

@Sjoerd I get the feeling we won't even be seeing this game here in 2013, do we know which pub exactly will be bringing it to EU?

NIS is for Soul Hackers later this year, but i dunno who for this (maybe Nintendo?). I kinda hope it isn't Nintendo though, because of that chance they won't leave the game as is and decide to censor it in some way...



theswweet said:

Error! This game or system has not yet been released. To register, please return after this game or system has been officially released. To find out this game or systems' official release date, visit

Oh man, it actually was the real code.



Sjoerd said:

@Doma It has been confirmed for quarter 3, so if there isn't any delay it'll be here by autumn. Because it's already been confirmed, my guess is either NIS or Atlus will publish the game in PAL regions. I think it could also be Nintendo though. Since Bayonetta is also being published by them, it could just be. Atlus would rather have NIS publish it though. Let's just hope there won't be any delays.



aj_fowl said:

@MideonNViscera The game is $50 new. They extra stuff is free. I'm guessing that the increased price is due to a larger card storage. I think this game is on a 4GB card vs a 2GB.



f_zul said:

Want it! But can't find this limited edition for EU region on the sale.



Dpishere said:

I have always had an interest in this series, but tales of a fairly brutal difficulty have stopped me from taking the plunge and trying them out. Maybe some day...



Persona_Yu said:

Should I preorder this? I have about $150 dollars and I'm going to buy a Wii u after I get paid in the twenty of July which is about 400 dollars ...should I buy this? I am a huge RPG fan and I am willing to try out any RPG...I'm interested in artwork and the origins of things so the strategy book appeals to me alot...anyways should I preorder this?



Flynn said:

@Lucem_Sora yes, from what I hear from my japanese friends, this game is great! That's all they say though, didn't want to spoil it.



Persona_Yu said:

@SMT4Protag thanks man I can't wait to preorder hopefully they still have the exclusive items...though I'm not as excited as i was for Project X zone but aye I can't wait to be surprised...I love a game with alot of hours to play with and also with a good story



Persona_Yu said:

@B3ND3R hahaha I'm new to the series! besides if it's beyond my expectations then I'll be way more surprised then I would've been if I've been a fan! Heck I'll most likely drop a tear or two from it's beauty since I'm new to it and everythings fresh...kinda like a kid finally exploring the outside world for the first time



thatguyEZ said:

@Lucem_Sora of course you should pre order this to make sure you get all those first print goodies :3 i barely ever pre order games but i had to make sure i get that strategy/art book and that awesome slip case! but if you're an RPG fan then i think you'll like this, i love the SMT but they can be brutally difficuly sometimes (not saying thats a bad thing, challenges are always fun) BUT 9 more days and i'll be poppin this bad boy into my 3DS and gettin the adventure started, couldn't be more excited



B3ND3R said:

@Lucem_Sora It is... Trust me any game in the Shin Megami Tensei series is well worth it... I have all of them, and I love all of them...



Persona_Yu said:

@B3ND3R Alright I'll take your word... should I also preorder M&L Dream Team? I already preorder Pokemon X ( wonder if there any exclusive stuff for it).

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