Pikmin 3 hits Europe on 26th July, though some gamers have taken the chance to pick it up early by redeeming download codes sold by GAME. Well, for those already playing and those patiently waiting until launch day, there's an update waiting.

This has only popped up very recently, as we fired the game up earlier today in Nintendo Life towers with no update in sight, which we suspect will enable features such as Miiverse sharing ahead of the title's actual street date. The good news is that the actual file size is relatively miniscule at 70MB, with the update downloading on our system in less than one minute, suggesting that it's merely an enabler for existing features.

So don't panic when the update window appears, it should only take a minute of your time. The system and software update mini-game is a part of Wii U life, so we might as well get used to it.