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Nintendo UK Is Taking The Wii U And 3DS On Tour This Summer

Posted by Damien McFerran

Soak up the sun, play some Mario Kart

Nintendo UK has confirmed that it will be attending a variety of Summer events to promote software for its Wii U and 3DS consoles.

The Wii U Den Tour will kick off at the Sunderland Air Show at the end of this month, and will give attendees the opportunity to get their hands on Nintendo's latest home console. Current titles such as New Super Mario Bros. U and Nintendo Land are promised, but there will also be the chance to experience unreleased titles as well.

The Nintendo 3DS Festival of Fun also kicks off at the Sunderland Air Show, with titles like Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Mario Kart 7 and Mario & Luigi: Dream Team Bros. on offer. Nintendo will be running a series of competitions at each event, and 3DS owners are encouraged to bring their consoles along to StreetPass with other players.

The Wii U Den tour will be visiting the following locations:

  • Sunderland Air Show, Seaburn Park, Sunderland (27-28 July)
  • Bristol Balloon Fiesta, Ashton Court Estate, Bristol (8-11 August)
  • Eastbourne Airborne, King Edwards Parade, Eastbourne (15-18 August)
  • Clacton Air Show, Marine Parade West, Clacton-on-Sea (22–23 August)

The Nintendo 3DS Festival of Fun will be coming to the following locations:

  • Sunderland Air Show, Seaburn Park, Sunderland (27-28 July)
  • Nottingham Riverside Festival, Victoria Embankment, Nottingham (2-4 August)
  • Eastbourne Airborne, King Edwards Parade, Eastbourne (15-18 August)
  • Williamson Square (City Centre), William Square, Liverpool (22-25 August)
  • Bournemouth Air Festival, Bournemouth Sea Front, Bournemouth (29 August – 1 September)

If you're in the UK and are planning on attending any of these events, let us know by posting a comment.


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Marshi said:

New super mario and nintendoland headlining the events?!cmon nintendo!Show something we havdmt seen!Game and wario,lego city, even super luigi u would be better!And those unreleased titles should be the e3 demos of pikmin,mario 3d world, donkey kong tropical freeze,bayonetta 2. Please nintendo,your pr skills MUST improve!



MegaWatts said:

Given the amount of air shows they're attending, you could be mistaken for thinking they're hoping the Wii U will "take off".

...I'll get my coat.



Big_L91 said:

i would definitely go to the sunderland one if 3d land was playable. its only an hours drive from me.



nik1470 said:

Only have to walk 20mins to get to the Bournemouth. 3DS event guess it would be rude not to go!



LavaTwilight said:

I'll probably go to the Bristol one, you know, since that's where I live! I'll be hunting down the WiiU stand!



Kit said:

>◾Bristol Balloon Fiesta, Ashton Court Estate, Bristol (8-11 August)

If anyone is going to this one make sure you check out the BRISTOL POKEMON ACADEMY... we will be in attendance so bring you're 'mon and meet/battle/trade with other likeminded folk - check Facebook for more details.



rjejr said:

WiiU launch pt. deux commences

@Marshi - As much as I agree Nintendo needs to get a move on PR wise these 2 games actually make a lot of sense to showcase. NSMBU is Mario, the first HD Mario, and the $20 DLC just came out, so even though they are showing off the 1st game it's advertising for the DLC. And NintendoLand - which I personally think was a really bad choice for the launch bundle unless it was clearly free in both - is the best showcase for the "asymmetrical" gameplay of the Gamepad. We had a chance to play the demo at Nintendo World and it was different and a lot of fun and made us actually want to buy a WiiU. Problem is you can't really describe it to people other than say "it's fun", you have to play it, and Nintendo should have made the demo available on every WiiU kiosk in the world. Some people going to these events WILL buy a WiiU after playing NintendoLand among a raucous crowd. It is fun. It just has zero marketability unless it's actually played multiplayer. I can't imagine ever playing it for a minute by myself but they need the Just Dance Wii owners to upgrade.



Marshi said:

@rjejr Hmmm I think you're right in the case of nintendoland being there,and I supose mario HAS to be there as nintendo's mascot.But its just very boring! Dont get me wrong I love nsmbu and nintendoland but to your average joe it dosnt exactly scream "buy a wiiu!".Whereas I think games like game and wario and legocity are games that really show what wiiu can do gamepad wise as well as graphic's wise(legocity is beautiful and gives gta a run for its money).Im a big nintendo fan,but even im beginning to question just what nintendo are trying to do with the wiiu!



Sakura said:

May go to the Nottingham 3DS event on the Saturday. Depends how easy it is to get to the Victoria Embankment. Any news on the relay stations? That would make my summer!



123akis said:

not going to any of these events, they are too far from me (im in london) although clacton is near i dont think my parents would want to stay at clacton just for this :/ BUT... im going to the eurogamer expo which will be even better



TonIttou said:

My company is exhibiting at the Nottingham Riverside Festival so I'll go and check it out.



sporeboy100 said:

@RainbowGazelle what you moaning about? England never gets any GOOD events and when we do, it is ALWAYS IN LONDON, heck, i been thinking that London should just be it's own country, think of it, we would have England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, and London



RainbowGazelle said:

@sporeboy100 It already IS its own country. That's where the government spends all its money. If you don't live in or near London, Cameron and his cronies don't give a flying crap about you. The rest of the country gets worse and worse. That's why I'll be voting for Scottish Independence when the time comes round, and pray to god that we get it.



ThumperUK said:

These are hardly large-scale events, what they really need are lots of smaller demos in shopping centres across the UK. Also, where is the TV advertising for the WiiU? It has been months since the last one!

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