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Gaijin Games Reveals Remaining DLC Characters For Runner 2

Posted by Andy Green

Make six new friends on Wii U

Gaijin Games recently announced that BIT.TRIP Presents Runner 2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien is to receive some extra content in the form of the Good Friends DLC pack.

The new download will bring six new characters to the Wii U version of the game, while the Steam edition will get an extra pal thrown in for good measure.

Upon the announcement Gaijin Games revealed Raz from Psychonauts, and Quote, who you may recognise from Cave Story. We had to wait a little while to find out which other chums would be coming out to play.

Well, as promised the developer has spilled the beans and confirmed the rest of the line-up, which includes Dr. Fetus, of Super Meat Boy fame, Josef from Machinarium, the Spelunky Guy from well, Spelunky and Invisible CommanderVideo. The additional Steam character will be Atlas from Portal 2.

There's no official date for the console release of the Good Friends Character Pack but it will come after it arrives on Steam tomorrow (11th July). It's to be sold for $3 in North America.

Check out all the remaining extra characters in the introduction videos below - voiced by none other than Charles Martinet - and let us know who your favourite is in the comment section.

Dr. Fetus
Spelunky Guy
Invisible CommanderVideo

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C7_ said:

Steam trading cards, community, achievements, and now an exclusive character are making me sad that I got this on WiiU.

Until the steam sale that is.



sinalefa said:

Well, now I can be officially not interested in this DLC.

So is the character Atlas or Atlus? Everyone in the comments are saying Atlus, isn't that a videogame company?



Raylax said:

The Portal 2 character is Atlas, the games company is (or was) Atlus



Ketchupcat said:

Don't worry people, there's always next DLC. And I've gotten in touch with them (through a comment anyway), and they said they've tried contacting the creators of Homestar Runner about putting him in the game after i suggested it!



Shambo said:

This is quickly becoming the best cast ever, both original and 'borrowed' characters are some of the industry's finest... I love all their individual games (only never played Spelunky)! But Homestar Runner would indeed be a perfect fit, or the character from VVVVVV. I would also be happy with Crazy Dave, Manny Calavera, Earthworm Jim, Alien Hominid, the Twins from The Cave or that girl from Little Inferno.

While I absolutely love Portal (2) I think Atlas -allthough a perfectly likable character- fits less in the current cast than the others added/mentioned... I'd still like to have him available, but I wouldn't mind terribly not having him.

Just dreaming out loud... Will get it regardless, and will get any following DLC if the characters are equally diverse and lovely.



Alienfish said:

They should charge $.50 apiece instead of selling the whole pack. There might be one that I like, but I don't want to pay for all of them just to get it. Work on that pricing model Gaijin.



Ichiban said:

I think Jake and Finn from Adventure Time would be good dlc characters for this game, you know you want it!
Well unless you arent a fan of the show i



Odnetnin said:

FWIW, it's actually $2 on Steam right now instead of $3 thanks to the summer sale.



FiveDigitLP said:

Wow, that is a great collection of characters. I'm not usually one to pay for DLC that is just aesthetics (skins, new characters, horse armor, etc.), but this is mighty tempting.

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