Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door
Image: Nintendo

Just a day before its release, Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door for the Switch has apparently been leaked online.

Unfortunately, first-party game leaks like this have been a common occurrence throughout the Switch's lifecycle, so it's not exactly a surprise to see it's happened again. While there are some new things to experience in this remake, story spoilers aren't as much of a concern here.

This leak was highlighted by dataminer 'OatmealDome' on social media, who has been sifting through information surfacing online. This includes information about the game's codename, the engine it's running on, and new details about dialogue changes.

We won't share anything specific here, but you can find out more via the same source.

"[Paper Mario: TTYD] The game has been leaked to the Internet."

Once again, this latest online Switch leak follows a long list of cases. This has previously happened in recent times with other Switch titles like Super Mario RPG and Super Mario Bros. Wonder. Hopefully, for Nintendo's sake, it finds a way to combat these leaks next-generation.

If we hear any significant updates, we'll let you know.