Shin'en Multimedia is currently working on Jett Rockett II - The Wrath of Taikai, the sequel to the fun little WiiWare title that was released back in 2010. This new iteration is headed to the 3DS eShop and should be with us later on in the year.

It appears the developer is contemplating the idea of releasing an HD version at some point as it sent out a tweet letting everyone know the game has been played on an HDTV via HDMI.


Back in May Shin'en pushed the game back to the third quarter of 2013 as it wanted to add "true" free roaming 3D levels, similar to the ones found on the WiiWare adaptation.

It's unlikely both a 3DS eShop and Wii U eShop version will crop up at the same time, but an HD version could possibly emerge after a few months in the same way WayForward released Mighty Switch Force! Hyper Drive Edition on Wii U after the success of Mighty Switch Force! on the 3DS.

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