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Miiverse Update Adds Facebook and Twitter Sharing

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Or Google+ and Tumblr, if you prefer

While most attention is currently drawn to the floor at E3, Nintendo has applied a Miiverse update that now allows you to share posts on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Tumblr. It's another smart move for the bespoke network, especially as those with a Nintendo Network ID can now view individual posts when accessing a direct URL link.

At the time of writing this update seems to be limited to the browser-based version of Miiverse,; the built-in Wii U version of the network doesn't yet include these share buttons, possibly due to the fact it would redirect away from the app to the web browser, or perhaps it's a deliberate choice by Nintendo. Either way, the opportunity to easily share posts on the browser version will spread the word for the platform and provide another means for Nintendo gamers to interact.

Are you a regular user of the likes of Facebook and Twitter, and if so will you use these buttons to share some Miiverse posts? Let us know, as always in the comments below.

Thanks to one of our Twitter followers, Lee McCutcheon, for the tip.

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Greator said:

i got banned from miiverse because of i told my twitter name, and now you can share your posts.

luv u miiverse



hiptanaka said:

@Greator I think it does. It doesn't reveal anything about your real self on Miiverse. Only possibly your Miiverse name on Twitter.



Wiidsguy said:

I think this is a great idea, I just hope they don't let anyone join miiverese. Only people that own a wiiu or 3ds when they create it for the platform.



hiptanaka said:

@Wiidsguy Exactly. As long as people with no NNID can only view posts, it's great. If they change that, spamming and trolling will ensue.



Mk_II said:

@Greator you can't post personal info on Miiverse, it's in the TOS. This includes links and usernames that could be used to identify you



DarkEdi said:

It is a good step to do this. Maybe you can link your facebook account to Miiverse so this can do it automatically.



RQuinain said:

Now all we need is for the Facebook photo upload feature to return to the 3DS after being present on the DSi...



SanderEvers said:

They should add a simple embed option for Miiverse posts, so you can post them on your own blog / site.



jorgem696 said:

Im a more twitter but I also use Facebook and I'll be really happy about this but I still havent bought my Wii U becaise I want to buy it in Black Friday because it would have some cool bundles so ill wait until all the new doodoopoopies comes out



Wiidsguy said:

@hiptanaka Not only that but i think that miiverse is a selling point to the wiiu and if they let anyone use it. it will take away some of the charm



yenly said:

That is a very good move from nintendo. We still get a private Wii U owned social network but we are sharing selected info to the other social networks. Thus creating not closed and secret group but a private and public group. This will boast the Wii U: you like it, you want it: BUY A Wii U!!



ballistic90 said:

@Greator THAT gets you banned? When I was playing Nintendoland with a friend and my wife, a Miiverse picture came up with a butt pooping and "skids" written next to it. But posting your twitter handle will get you banned? Wow.



Twilight_Crow said:

Tumblr too? Oh great, I have some use for that. Hopefully they will add the option in the console version soon.



hcfwesker said:

are they also gonna add functionality to post to friends on PSN and XBOX Live accounts too LOL! I'm sure some will like this, but it's completely unnecessary, for me.

I suppose this is Nintendo's strategy to get WiiU owners to advertise WiiU to their friends for them. It actually makes perfect sense.



ungibbed said:

This actually is a great move as both the PS3 and Xbox have updates to Facebook upon a trophy or a unlocked achievement. Perhaps Nintendo is loosening the ropes a bit by sharing your online domination with screenshots etc.

It has been discussed before that Nintendo just dump Miiverse in place for a Facebook client as Sony has for the PS3 and a full app for Facebook on the Vita in addition to PSN messaging. Not sure about the 360 as I don't own one.

Perhaps this may lead to a in-game trophy feature for the Wii U like the other systems, what it would be called? I don't know...

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