Miiverse has had some new updates today, and one of them is a big one for those that want to contribute to Nintendo's social network on the go. The web-based version — miiverse.nintendo.net — has had a number of upgrades, most notably that you can now post text-only comments and replies directly from the website, taking the resource beyond being merely a viewing place for the platform. Naturally you can do so in response to those on your personal activity feed, or in any of the communities available.

You can also delete your posts, should you make one by accident, and in addition you can follow and unfollow others, view your friends and followers (though friend requests aren't an option), and also adjust your profile settings or general Miiverse settings. If you don't yet have a Wii U and Nintendo Network ID, meanwhile, you can also view a Miiverse post if you have the correct URL.

Two minor tweaks have also been made to the Wii U console version of Miiverse: the wait time for posts is now three minutes instead of five, and a special symbol now marks "announcement communities", such as the Developer's Room community for New Super Mario Bros. U.

As Nintendo strives to increase the role of Miiverse, this is one of the most vital updates so far. In theory you can now take part in Miiverse communities and conversations wherever you are, with the option to post your views and even select one of the emoticons on offer. So, how many of you plan to get involved in Miiverse communities using your computer, phone or tablet devices?