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Web-Based Miiverse Posting Now Live

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Along with some other nice updates

Miiverse has had some new updates today, and one of them is a big one for those that want to contribute to Nintendo's social network on the go. The web-based version — — has had a number of upgrades, most notably that you can now post text-only comments and replies directly from the website, taking the resource beyond being merely a viewing place for the platform. Naturally you can do so in response to those on your personal activity feed, or in any of the communities available.

You can also delete your posts, should you make one by accident, and in addition you can follow and unfollow others, view your friends and followers (though friend requests aren't an option), and also adjust your profile settings or general Miiverse settings. If you don't yet have a Wii U and Nintendo Network ID, meanwhile, you can also view a Miiverse post if you have the correct URL.

Two minor tweaks have also been made to the Wii U console version of Miiverse: the wait time for posts is now three minutes instead of five, and a special symbol now marks "announcement communities", such as the Developer's Room community for New Super Mario Bros. U.

As Nintendo strives to increase the role of Miiverse, this is one of the most vital updates so far. In theory you can now take part in Miiverse communities and conversations wherever you are, with the option to post your views and even select one of the emoticons on offer. So, how many of you plan to get involved in Miiverse communities using your computer, phone or tablet devices?

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Haxonberik said:

I'd like that they decreased that timer to 1 minute, but not delete it entirely to avoid spam, specially now that you can post from a computer



Kaboom said:

You can still only actually create a Nintendo Network ID from a Wii U. We SHOULD be able to create and use one on a 3DS by now, but...



Hunter-D said:

@antonvaltaz The official app will be coming sometime down the line, but these little updates will eventually give us the complete Miiverse on the go!

I'm already loving this one!



bezerker99 said:

I'm still a nooby to Miiverse and had no idea it took 5 minutes for the posts to appear. Glad they shortened the wait a bit.



Mk_II said:

I use Wiiverse online with my PC. The latest updates will make it even better



RupeeClock said:

I can see myself getting more involved with Miiverse through my browser went I get back into Wii U gaming.
Oh the joy that'll be had with sharing Smash Bros Wii U screenshots like this!



Varia01 said:

I forget my password, and I really like Miiverse. It is a fun social system that is ruined by my memory loss. Oh well, there is still the Wii U. I like to draw (Especially DC superheroes drawings) and joke often on Miiverse. It is one of my favorite features of the Wii U.



Whopper744 said:

I asked who wanted E Gadd in Mario Kart and got the quickest 'Yeahs' I ever got...not that I'm competing for them. I don't get why people post stuff like "THANKS FOR 5000 YEAHS!"....I mean, do you unlock something or what?



manu0 said:

Replying to posts has existed since the beginning...this news report makes it sound like this is a new function...



k8sMum said:

i am all excited because now i can make posts thru my 3ds...oh, wait. and wait some more.



Ryno said:

@manu0: Did you even read the headline and/or the article? It is talking about the "web-based" Miiverse not from the the Wii U directly.



aaronsullivan said:

Did it make you happy to see that much recognition? When people make me happy I say thanks. Also, it means you get more people to follow and become interested in what you draw and say which is fun and can be a prize in itself. Also, it's a way to chart the growth of interest in your stuff. Also, it is often used to fulfill requests from followers or take a break from the regular type of drawings people might expect from you.

No reason really.



aaronsullivan said:

@Ryno and @manu0
Right, I think the ability to make new text comments is the new feature. We could always reply to other comments.
The article should probably be fixed.



Deadstanley said:

I'm happy to see this "evolution" of sorts from Nintendo. They are finally coming out of their shell and embracing some of the technologies around them. Hopefully it continues and the network ID will be cross-platform (that's the biggest thing I am looking for — along with the benefits that should implicitly come with it).



Whopper744 said:

Yeah I see what you mean. I mean, it doesn't bother me until people post stuff that simply says something like, 'Click Yeah!' . You know what I mean? Kind of like, fishing for compliments. I can't believe how awesome some people can draw though. I can't come close!



Whopper744 said:

I just came across that post in the pic for this article it seems. I've been bored and scrolling through like, the entire community for Luigi.



Dreamcaster-X said:

@TwilightV Yeah but it keeps the five year olds from posting complete garbage & ruining the experience. It was getting pretty bad before Nintendo implemented that 5 minute in-between policy. Hopefully the 3 minute wait will also keep them at bay.



JoostinOnline said:

I'm confused. This has been around for over a month. I've been using it (posting, not just viewing) on my computer and through an Android app.



JoostinOnline said:

@miiandmario Oh, I see what's changed. You can now create new posts ( as in conversations/threads). I don't know why the article mentions "replying" as an upgrade though, as you've always been able to do that.



Prof3ssorMGW said:

Cool update. I can't wait for user created communities! No doubt they can be used for clans or hosting tournaments.



GamerJunkie said:

It needs more features, How it is now, why would I want to post on miiverse when I'm not on my Wii U? Seems like a facebook for children pretty much. People talk about Xbox One "tv features" as being useless and only want gaming, how about nintendo with things like this, panorama view, google maps and so many things "not gaming" is that ok because its Nintendo and not MS doing it?



Araknie said:

Before replying here i already posted my progresses on the LEGO City Undercover group.
This thing is really Kupò!

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