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Capcom Unveils Quirky Unlockable Costumes for Resident Evil Revelations

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Well hello, sailor!

The ever-approaching arrival of Resident Evil Revelations on Wii U and other platforms will likely bring the title to the attention of more gamers, as the 3DS original was — in our view — a return to form for the franchise. We'll see how the re-release stacks up soon, but what it does have over its handheld predecessor is a few new and, er, interesting unlockable outfits.

Extra outfits were available in the 3DS game, and generally tickled nostalgia bones or, in the odd case, made the characters look silly. Capcom's gone for the latter approach with these new threads, pictured above, as we can't imagine these are the best examples of ooze-fighting attire. We have 'ninja' Keith, 'pirate' Jill and, we guess, sailor Chris; if you have a crush on any of these characters, maybe these new outfits are there for your benefit.

We're looking forward to kicking ooze in the face while looking completely daft, ourselves, and if any series can get away with such crazy campness, it's Resident Evil.


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Einherjar said:

Chris seems to always pull the short straw when it gets to his costumes. I guess nothing beats Leon in a tuxedo.



Savino said:

Yeah.... I mean.... Who wiuld imagine that Chris... Well.... Better I shut my self up!!



edhe said:

I've seen the Chris outfit, and now I refuse to play through the game with anything but that outfit.

The pipe is a nice touch.



Zyph said:

They should have made Jill wear the sailor uniform. Sailor Jill!!! Oh yeah



AJWolfTill said:

Reminds me of the wierd option to put the twins from Project Zero 2 in Mario and Luigi costumes XD
Sailor Chris is amazing XD



burninmylight said:

Wait a sec... I read "unlockable." As in, we beat the game or achieve some feat and these extras are given to us for free, like the good ol' days?

This game just went from a "could buy" to a "probably will buy" for me, if that's the case.



ThomasBW84 said:

@burninmylight Yep, you get outfits for beating the campaign, leveling up in Raid Mode etc, though I don't know the specifics for these ones, and Capcom wouldn't say



Dpullam said:

I certainly like extra unlockable outfits in games. I'm not sure how much I would like these wacky outfits though. They probably wouldn't get any use from me.



Skitrules said:

I wish they would give this and all the extra new content as DLC for the 3ds at like $10-20 because i would buy that because i can't justify buying the whole game again for about $60.



Pod said:

Hehe, I think these are more fun than their usual joke outfits.

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