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They Bleed Pixels Developer Considering a Wii U eShop Release

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

That and PSN, naturally

They Bleed Pixels is a tough, retro-styled action platformer that was originally slated for Xbox Live Indie Games, but after a fair amount of development time was switched to Steam on PC. That release was fairly well received last year, with the title earning a fair bit of attention around the web.

It's the work of indie developer Spooky Squid Games, and while being a tough platformer with hints at other games of a similar genre — footage is reminiscent of Super Meat Boy and recent Wii U eShop release Kung Fu Rabbit — it has neat features such as checkpoints set by the player once a meter is filled; it also has some combat elements to enjoy, as well.

With the increasingly indie-friendly approach that we're seeing from Nintendo and — it's worth noting — Sony, the developer was recently asked whether it was considering bringing the title to the eShop or PSN, with the following response.

We've been looking into this so it's definitely a possibility. We will of course make a big announcement if it happens!

Naturally the studio would only make the move to the Wii U eShop if it makes financial sense, but with all we've heard of Nintendo's support of small developers, perhaps this one could happen. With a decent selection of similarly-scaled projects lining up potential Wii U versions of games, this is another example of a title that seems well suited to the platform.

Check out the PC launch trailer below and let us know whether you'd like to try this on Wii U.

Thanks to James Crooke for the tip.

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Jayvir said:

I would really like a game specifically made for Wii U, instead of just being an afterthought every freaking time. At least people are interested in the system though



Dpullam said:

This game looks okay to me. It just doesn't look like it would interest me for very long.



LittleIrves said:

Agreed with Jayvir... though I imagine that won't happen until there are more systems in homes. But yeah, this actually looks pretty cool. Meat Boy with combat! I would not say no.



nothankyou said:

A day one purchase if it's released for 3DS. I've had my eye on this for some time but never acted on it.



ScreamoPichu said:

I remember being super interested in this when it was announced. I'd definitely get this if it came to Wii U!



brandonbwii said:

Because it doesn't take advantage of the systems capabilities aside from off-screen play.
There's no problem with that per se, but it would be nice to see some outta box thinking for Wii U.



element187 said:

@Jayvir The system is new... ALL new systems get mostly ports... Thats just the reality of the industry.

Even your beloved PS3/360 got mostly ports its first 2 years.... Nintendo is poised to release an avalanche of 1st party exclusives this year... which is far more than what Sony or Microsoft did for their systems.... My PS3 was absolutely barren of 1st party releases for its first year.



Jayvir said:

@element187 Wow, chill dude. I never said I even owned a 360 or PS3 so what's up with the 'beloved ps3/360' comment. I'm a Nintendo fan through and through. The 360 is probably the worse system I've ever played and you are right, the PS3 had no games for a really long time. But Nintendo needs unique titles that you can't get anywhere else. Look at Shovel Knight. It was made with the Nintendo platforms in mind right off the bat and isn't even going to the other consoles. That's what Nintendo needs. It's nice and all to have games but when you can just as easily get those games on a console that you might already own, what's the point of owning a Wii U then?



Geonjaha said:

I love this game! Have it on Steam and its a great choice if you're a fan of very difficult Platformers. I don't know if I'd buy it again on Wii U though - depends on how well they handle the port and how much of a sale there is on it.



Philip_J_Reed said:

I thought this was far worse than other "deliberately brutal" games like Super Meat Boy. Yeah, it was tough...but it didn't feel particularly inspired or satisfying. Meh.



BennyFresh said:

I talked to one of the two guys that made this at PAX East and tried the game. It's a ton of fun, if you like platformers and has a lot of interesting ideas. I already own it for PC, but I would buy it again for Wii U to support them.



BakaKnight said:

The trailers look very interesting, but for the whole time I was watching it I couldn't avoid to think this game would fit so well on the 3DS eshop more than the WiiU one >.>;



ogo79 said:

man this game is awesome, i watched the game on youtube a few months ago, hoping this would hit a vc release of some kind, and wow what a surprise this was to read about.

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