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Rumour: Call Of Duty: Ghosts Will Be Spooking Wii U This Year

Posted by Damien McFerran

Spanish retailer gives Nintendo fans renewed hope

Activision is close to announcing this year's Call of Duty entry, but we've already seen a couple of retailers leak information related to the title.

Call of Duty: Ghosts apparently uses a new game engine and is expected to hit multiple platforms — one of which should be the Wii U, if a listing by Spanish retailer XtraLife.

The listing — which has since been removed — even showcased boxart for the Wii U version. While this shouldn't be taken as an official confirmation, there's an excellent chance that the next Call of Duty title will be headed to Nintendo's system — Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 was a much-hyped launch title for the machine, after all — and publisher Activision has continued to support the console with other releases since then.

It's being reported that Activision will be spilling the beans this week, so we should have solid confirmation soon.

Given the lack of significant third party support in 2013, are you pleased by the prospect of playing the world's biggest video game franchise on your Wii U? Sound off in the comments section to tell us your thoughts.


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timp29 said:

I used to be a fan of first person shooters. But after playing them relentlessly for a year or two I got over it. Can't say I mind either way about this one. This is excellent news for the WiiU however. If they were to miss out on another big third party title, I would be very worried for the long term viability of the console.



Zyph said:

I only play FPS for the fun of it especially the campaign. And I honestly enjoy them. I don't really indulge myself to the multiplayer aspect though. Games like Monster Hunter got that covered.

Unlike EA, Activision wouldn't miss a chance to release Call of Duty on Nintendo consoles. Heck they always release them on Wii as well as DS. Activision loves money! So no surprise here.



ULTRA-64 said:

More than just a bit bored with cod now. I only got blops2 for the zombies mode, which this won't feature! In fact havnt even clicked on the other modes yet since purchase, bad sign. Still not one measly piece of dlc for that either so I'll be avoiding this I think until they sort that out at Activision!!




As much as I hate to admit it, the wii u needs these kind of games in order to be taken at least half seriously.

I always buy em though(on nintendo consoles), so here's one sale.

Edit: I wish n-space would start doing those awesome ds COD games agian. But for 3DS of course.



Dmt4030 said:

Pleas buy this guys so we can get more support on FPS on Nintendo Wii U



MadAdam81 said:

As far as the big FPS titles go, I prefer the multiplayer play style of the CoD titles, and it would be good if the Wii U version is more of a Most Wanted type port.



Linkgamer said:

what we need first is dlc on black ops 2, once that happens you can count me all in for this game



jorgem696 said:

It doesn't soumd as bad i'll probably buy it but only if they give the dlc packs for the wii u



Dpullam said:

I might consider getting this game if the reviews are good and it goes down cheap. Since you don't have to pay to play online I certainly will keep this as an option for the Wii U.



Moonhillwat said:

On hand, I'm looking forward to this. On the other, I'm not looking forward to not getting DLC. Still waiting for Blops 2 DLC...



TonIttou said:

I'm going to get this, unless it is horrendous, of course.
3rd parties are needed for Wii U, and it's not like we have any other FPS choices this year.



LittleIrves said:

This is a hugely important game to launch day-and-date with the other versions, if only to save a little face. Then if big-time COD players get their hands on it and try the local 2-player with GamePad vs. TV they might be stoked enough to give the console a shot.
Personally I'm not all that interested. But Wii U owners should hope this rumor comes true. Looks likely so far.



element187 said:

After EA completely seceded the Military shooter genre on the system, Activision would be nuts not to make sure they are the dominate FPS on the system.



Nintend0ro said:

OH NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! Another COD. Let me gues.. It'll look bad and be boring like last games. Not to mention linear gameplay. At least another add to Wii U library



Tuturoopa said:

I wasn't planning on getting this years cod but if this is different enough I may look into it



Angelic_Lapras_King said:

Sadly, the Wii U still needs COD to sell to the COD nuts. Without it, gamers will REALLY start to think the console's dead (More then now).

Wonder if they'd take to a new Metroid Prime for Wii U if one was announced....



BennyFresh said:

I still don't see the appeal of COD really. They just aren't that great games, and everyone I know that says they are has little to no experience with other games. I guess I could see how you could get hooked into the multiplayer. I'll be skipping this one.
If you're looking for a REALLY good FPS pick up Deus Ex Human Revolution for Wii U. If you do like Call of Duty I would still suggest checking it out, it isn't really the same kind of game though.



Link41x said:

^Infinity Ward is making this game. I think I will pick it up, I haven't picked a new CoD in quite awhile.



JaxonH said:

While I LOVE me some 1st party Ninty titles, I also thoroughly enjoyed single-player campaign in BlackOps2 for WiiU. I thought the game was well done, the story was actually interesting, and most importantly, it was FUN! Couldn't care less about DLC, I bought the game for the campaign, not for the promise of being able to spend more money on extra content later. Don't understand hate toward Nintendo OR CoD. Both are fun imo, but if you disagree, just don't buy!



AnarquistaLibre said:

No thanks, CoD sucks and takes no skill. It's all based on twitch reflexes, no tactics like Battlefield and it has a lot of things that detract from the experience like guns that handle like nerf guns and the whole arcade-ness of it all. Won't get my money... it's the same game year after year after year... and yes I own them all so far because of my brothers and I beat them all. They aren't challenging enough, they are way too easy. I dominate on every online game I'm in and the maps are puny. Prefer the huge maps of Battlefield and the new inventions called vehicles to get across the huge maps. Looks like the superior Battlefield won't be coming to Wii U though because EA sucks, but that's alright. I'll gladly get Bungie's Destiny in its place.



Royalblues said:

Rather than being upset at yet another yearly installment of a shooting game, see it for what it is... well what it is, is yet another yearly installment of a shooting game, but think about sports games like NBA 2K13 and MLB 13 The Show, which get new games every year.

But then again, I guess that is because the Basketball Baseball rosters are updated every year. Hmm....
And stop complaining. This game will generate interest in the Wii U among the uneducated gamer about what the system can do. Just because it is a call of duty game is not ground enough to whine. Jeez.
Having said all that, I'm not getting the game because I might still not have a Wii U by then because I am dirt poor (not really) and I have moved on to handheld gaming.



AJWolfTill said:

Never bought a COD game myself, but since this isn't Mod W or Blops, I will at least keep an eye on it to see if it does something different. You never know, judging by the title it might be a stealth game, which I enjoy infinately more than most FPS games. More interested in Deus EX though.
On more thing... Someone please ressurect time splitters, it was easily the greatest multiplatform FPS series.



Dpishere said:

@Dpullam And that is the number one reason why I am planning on getting a Wii U for my next console.I loved playing Splinter Cell Conviction and Rainbow Six Vegas 2 online but hated having to shell out 60 bucks to use basic services that should be free. And I have a feeling both the Ps4 and Next Xbox will require payment in order to play online since Sony surely sees how huge of a market there is when they look at the success of Xbox Live. I would be MORE surprised to find out you don't have to pay in order to play your games online, but I guess only time will tell.

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