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Exclusive: Tengami Confirmed For Wii U Release

Posted by Damien McFerran

Nyamyam authorised as Wii U developer

UK developer Nyamyam has exclusively confirmed to us that Tengami is coming to the Wii U eShop. The game is currently in development for the Apple iPad.

The studio has issued us with this statement regarding the news:

Last year we asked on Twitter whether you would like to see Tengami on the Wii U. The response was so overwhelmingly positive that we began the process of bringing Tengami on the Wii U to life. It is with great pleasure that I can finally announce Nyamyam is now an authorized Nintendo developer. On top of that Wii U dev kits arrived this morning and we are thrilled to be starting development soon.

Our sincerest gratitude goes out to everyone who encouraged us to pursue Tengami on the Wii U. It is because of your support that Tengami is coming to the Wii U. Thank you!

We sat down with Nyamyam's Jennifer Schneidereit and Phil Tossell to talk about the news:

Nintendo Life: It's obviously very early days, but what's it been like working with Nintendo so far?

Jennifer Schneidereit: It has actually been very easy to work with Nintendo. Everyone has been friendly and supportive. Initially we had a little bit of a hiccup becoming authorized developers because our offices were not secure enough, but our contacts at Nintendo offered us good advice and we were quickly able to sort the issue.

NL: Do you think Nintendo's attitude towards indies has changed since the launch of the Wii U?

JS: From what I can tell Nintendo are trying to be supportive of indies and trying to make sure that more and more independent developers get the chance to develop for the Wii U. For example, at PAX East and GDC this year I ran into Nintendo representatives at various events aimed at independent developers. You can tell they are definitely reaching out to the community.

NL: What makes Tengami such a good fit for the Wii U?

Phil Tossell: The fact that Tengami was conceived with touch in mind makes it perfect fit for the Wii U GamePad. We think there are some unique features the Wii U has that we can take advantage of to make the game even better.

NL: Obviously the iPad version remains your priority for now, but when can we expect to see the Wii U version of Tengami?

JS: At the moment it is all hands on deck to finish Tengami on iOS. We hope to bring Tengami to Wii U in early 2014.

NL: Given your backgrounds as Rare developers, does this feel like a sort of homecoming for you, being back on Nintendo hardware?

PT: Definitely. I have fond and nostalgic memories of the years I spent working on Nintendo consoles at Rare. I never imagined I would have the opportunity to work with Nintendo again so soon after starting Nyamyam. It's very exciting.

NL: Do you have any ideas for future projects, which could perhaps leverage the capabilities of the Wii U hardware?

JS: I am very intrigued by the possibilities for new types of multiplayer games the Wii U could deliver. It is something I would like to think about in more depth after we have finished Tengami.

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Kolma said:

Feel like this would have been better on 3DS since it's a pop-up world.
Irregardless, not a game I'm interested in. Looks kinda bland.



19Robb92 said:

The style looks absolutely amazing. Hopefully they can match the style with great gameplay.. But considering its main platform is the IPad, I'm afraid the gameplay will be very shallow and forgettable, like all iOS games.



HeatBombastic said:

I'm definitely looking into it. How expensive will it be though? Considering that most iOS games are cheap unless you're Square Enix.



WiiLovePeace said:

Awesome! I was going to pick this up on a family member's iPad but now I can wait for it to come to Wii U, yay!



CanisWolfred said:

Looks fantastic, visually. I'm not sure I really got a good sense of how the game is supposed to play from that trailer, though, but I do understand that it's early on. Guess I'll keep my eye on it.



XD375 said:

David Wise is doing the music and that is enough of a reason for me to buy.



Dpullam said:

I like the art style they decided to go with for this game. I am hopeful that the gameplay turns out just as good.



LittleIrves said:

Everybody wanting Rare to come back to Nintendo? Well here you go.
Very very excited to see this come to Wii U. Too bad the wait's so long, but I'll gladly wait for this version (of course I don't have an iPad, but still...).



LittleIrves said:

(But yeah, w/r/t "MASSIVE" announcement tease.... maybe temper the excitement next time? You want to under-sell and over-produce, not the other way around.)



Fededx said:

Wow looks nice! I thought it war related to the Okami news that are suppossed to come out around these days. Anyway, I'm glad it's jumping to the Wii U wagon!



cornishlee said:

Well, it looks interesting and novel but I really have no idea exactly what this game is. I'll keep an eye out for it but the fact that it's being developed for iOS doesn't fill me with confidence.

I'm intrigued by the office related problems since the separate business premise restrictions are meant to have been removed.



Damo said:

For those questioning the "massive" news, let me just say that Tengami is a stunning, stunning game - we were lucky enough to be given a hands-on demo and the experience is quite striking. The game not only looks beautiful, it also has a unique atmosphere which is strangely soothing and relaxing.

The fact that it's on the iPad is irrelevant - the guys behind this game are ex-Rare developers and clearly know their stuff. Trust me on this, Tengami is going to be a big deal for the Wii U eShop.



Emaan said:

I like the art style of this game, although it looks a tad on the boring side- gameplay wise.



AaronB said:

@Damo Sounds good; I really like the look of the art style, and I'm curious what the gameplay is like.



aaronsullivan said:

Has some surprisingly cool puzzles in it from what little I've seen (this video doesn't show the clever stuff) and the visuals are striking at times.

@Kolma regardless works just as well as irregardless and it's shorter and less confusing. Just saying.

(The only way to make irregardless a sane word is to use the "ir" prefix as an "intensifier" which is probably not what you mean. It's like PLEASE don't regard the previous sentence PLEASE. Kinda odd. Or maybe you meant irrespective where the "ir" is meant to negate)



JSuede said:

When I watched the video, I definitely didn't expect that pop-up mechanic. Looks really cool! I think a 3DS version would look even better. I mean...come would be perfect. It's good to see that it wasn't the talent from Rare that was the problem, but Microsoft's handling of said talent. Welcome home boys.

Indie developers could actually help save this industry....the big companies aren't doing so hot, producing the same games, with the same ideas, but with bigger budgets. Got an article published about the potential for another industry crash....shameless plug:

Give it a read! It's only my second article, so I'm pretty stoked about it.



CanisWolfred said:

@Zhenya I did, too. Especially since we're supposed to have had an Okami Announcement yesterday (I checked, and there wasn't anything new. ).



Tricoloryoshi said:

I read the title correctly, then saw the picture and assumed it'd be okami related.
(Which reminds me, I need to go beat Okami.)



nik1470 said:

Epic art style, not sold on the pop up elements but willing to give it a go because it looks so good.



Morph said:

Would be nice if this game did well and the team expanded to take other rare employees



citizenerased said:

I, too, for a second thought this was the announcement for a sequel to Okami. That thumbnail's a bit cruel!

Ah well, it looks gorgeous and I'll probably pick this up. Certainly one of the better indie games we've seen announced for Wii U.

@CanisWolfred Actually they said it'd be during Golden Week. Which lasts until the 5th of May.



Henmii said:

I first thought it was about the rumored new Okami game! That game seems fake though, there's still no news!

However, this game could be fun too!

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