If you're a Nintendo Life regular you'll know we ran a couple of Nintendo eShop Credit competitions over the past few weeks; all the votes have been counted and we've greased up our supercomputer to randomly select the winners, and they are:

Competition 1) Win £100 of Nintendo eShop Credit!

Winner of £100: Retroking1981

Runners Up (£15 each): bbbx, cdmac, emseeitch, HisDudeness, NathanWhincup, PorllM, SevenForce, speters1983, supers0nic91, __efac

Competition 2) Another Chance to Win £100 of Nintendo eShop Credit!

Winner of £100: sikthvash

Runners Up (£15 each): Bigmac1910, CerberusAzdin, Dyl_73, epylon, Huiee123, Mush123, placidcasual, sickcat, ToxieDogg, ULTRA-64

All of the winners will receive an email with instructions detailing how to redeem their codes; if you were unlucky this time don't worry - we'll have more competitions coming up in the near future!

If you are one of the lucky winners, why not tell us how you'll spend your credit in the comments below?