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Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed Update Goes Live on Wii U

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Improved motion controls included

Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed was possibly one of the most pleasant surprises in the Wii U launch lineup, as it features a huge amount of fan-service and top-notch track design. Throw in some Wii U-specific multiplayer options, and it's been a stand-out in the system's young life.

As we've seen recently with ZombiU, however, new titles increasingly need updates to clear up lingering issues, and the Wii U is far more capable and patch-friendly than its predecessor. Sumo Digital has been at work to improve Sonic's latest on Wii U and rival platforms, and the patch is now live.

Some of you may have already noticed this when playing the game this week — it should automatically download and install when you try to run it — but for those who haven't or are curious as to what the update includes, below is the fix list from the developer.


  • Vehicle collisions in online races handle high latency much better.
  • X360 - Increased timeouts to allow for less network errors.
  • Rating reset issues should be resolved.
  • -100 Rating Penalty for players who quit races intentionally (even for router resets).
  • Starlight Carnival - Road shader adjusted to prevent 'driving in the sky' issue.
  • Super pick-ups in arenas should work in all cases now.
  • Rare issue leaving players unable to return to lobby addressed.


  • Tuned the difficulty of Traffic Attack, Ring Race, and certain Race events in World Tour.
  • Corrected certain traffic attack gates not giving you extra time.
  • Made the ‘Skip event after 3 failed events?’ option appear on all difficulties.


  • Team Sonic - Made achievable in local gameplay so this is easier to get.
  • Yokozuna - No longer unlocks when you only beat Sunshine Tour Expert Ghost.
  • ‘Beat someone 500 points higher than you’ sticker no longer awarded unless criteria met.
  • 'Meteor Strike' No longer triggers incorrectly.


  • Time Attack – Multiple exploit fixes.
  • Online play - Multiple exploit fixes.
  • Co-op swap weapon slot now allows you to swap if you already have a weapon.
  • Improved front end leaderboard caching.
  • In-games triggers now handle physics tunnelling better for very fast players.
  • incorrect HUD showing ‘Lap 2’ cases addressed.
  • Improved motion controls for Wii-U
  • Favourite character in license no longer incorrect.
  • Hot-Rod physics effect in Arena's clamped.
  • Occasionally being able to drive through Swarm attacks corrected.


  • Announcer should now say correct finishing position in high latency games
  • All-Star music volume level corrected
  • Reverb effects removed when audio disabled.

There's one Wii U-specific fix, with improved motion controls, so let us know if you notice this or any other changes in the comments below.


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Koapa said:

What about release a patch for 3DS version?
It´s more then needed. Game is fun, but laggy sometimes... as....
Better to say sometimes is non-playable.



Grubdog said:

Damn, they toned down Traffic Attack? Sure, it was frustrating but INCREDIBLY rewarding when you finished it. The challenge was fair despite it's difficulty and it feels amazing when you're in the zone.

Improved motion controls sounds interesting, I already loved them. Can't wait to try this.



Nintenjoe64 said:

I will try this out tonight with the most complicated 5 player controller setup to see if it is any more stable because I've not managed to do two multiplayer races in row due to massive crashes!



meppi said:

But is the most important part fixed?
Does the announcer say Mega Drive Mod in Europe instead of Genesis Mod?!



RupeeClock said:

@Grubdog The traffic attacks really needed it, the way certain blue vehicles would impossibly shift left and right at certain speeds was complete bullcrap.
Getting past them aught to be tricky, they're intentionally moving in your way, but the way they moved was too demanding.



Smitherenez said:

Already beaten all of the missions on expert... That patch would have saved me from some frustration!



meppi said:


Haha, I had no idea!
I find it so strange how they seemingly missed this, especially as the game was created in Europe.



guilhermecahu said:

@Koapa Not just this.

They need to remake that multiplayer modes. Local Play is lame (that's not Local Play, that's a multiplayer demo version in fact), and Internet Games also have its problems. Why can't I choose ou vote for a track to run?

Please feel free to post your thoughts here, thanks! — TBD



SMW said:

So glad to see such a sweet update to my favorite racing game of all time. Kudos to those who managed to beat traffic attacks on expert; those have been some of the most ridiculous and annoying challenges.



ledreppe said:

Yeah, I noticed quite a few of those problems (my rating was rest which was gutting after spending so long building it up), glad they're finally patched. But I've moved on from this game, and I don't think I'll download this update.



WiiLovePeace said:

Wow so much got updated Stuff I didn't even know that needed improving. Awesome! I've been enjoying the update but I didn't know it fixed so much. Thanks Sumo, Sega & Nintendo!



NiBar said:

The 3ds demo version has a bad framerate. Is the full game in
better condition?



TheN64Dude said:

Thank you, so many glitches in this game, by why don't they fix the glitch where AI spin out of control and get frozen on the tracks.



photofool83 said:

I have a lot of respect for companies that update and fix their games.

So here's a big, THANK YOU!!



OdnetninAges said:


Nope. I recommend getting it for a console OTHER then 3DS, as the 3DS version suffers from quite a few issues not present on the other versions.



Lyndexer said:

Why didn't they add in the additional character they promised. Ryo Hazuki was confirmed. Rinstar came in third, sadly.



luminalace said:

Good to hear the game got an update so long after launch. Sega and Sumo should be commended for making the game even better.



Oceanous said:

They need to make a patch for 3DS. I liked the game but it crashed my XL 4 times in a week. I had to return the game. If they fixed all the problems on 3DS then I would consider buying it again.



Sean_Aaron said:

The motion controls and flying bits were a bit of a turn off, so I'm interested to know how those turned out. I agree a new demo to allow people to try before they buy is in order.



Marioman64 said:

btw, this also fixed any powerups that involved holding the use-item button for control option B. before you couldn't charge snowballs, they would just shoot, and the jet rocket whatever its called power would instantly explode even if you were holding it

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