It was confirmed at the start of the week that Nano Assault EX is coming to Europe in the upcoming 3DS eShop update on 7th March, ending one of the most well-rehearsed "where's xxx" comment threads in the Nintendo Life community. Thankfully it's not just Europe that'll finally get its hands on Nano Assault 1.5, as Shin'en Multimedia described it to us, as the developer has taken to Twitter to confirm that it also arrives in North America this week for $14.99.

North America did see a retail release of the original Nano Assault, yet this version does feature new modes — Mission Mode, Survival Mode and Boss Rush — to join the original 32 stages, along with a promise of improved visuals and Circle Pad Pro support. For those that haven't picked up the retail original or are tempted by the extras on offer, we imagine this one will be rather tempting, coming in as one of the most expensive eShop download-only games while being, nevertheless, a fair bit cheaper than the retail equivalent would have been at launch.

So, cross this one off your list of anticipated games, North America. Is this one likely to infect your 3DS soon?