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Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Makes Its Debut in UK Top 10

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Taking a bite out of the sales charts

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate hit Europe late last week, landing on Wii U and 3DS to accommodate all gamers with a current Nintendo platform. It's a high-profile release that's had a fair bit of attention — as well as broadly positive reviews — while the Wii U version has been seen by some as the first step in a much-needed improvement of the home console's fortunes. The first sales results are in, and while they may not be quite as headline grabbing as the biggest optimists would hope, they're positive nevertheless.

The data from UKIE has come out, and MH3U has come into the UK charts in 7th place; 55% of sales are for the 3DS version, while the 45% of Wii U units also account for nearly 50% of the value of Wii U software sales across the board. Rather discouragingly, widely slammed The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct is at number three, but a small sign of encouragement is given for Wii U hardware sales with the presence of Nintendo Land, which sneaks into the top 40.

We're not sure the Monster Hunter result will bring out the balloons and party poppers, but considering some comments on social networks about relatively limited availability, it's not a bad result. These results also take no account of online sales, with Capcom's beast occupying second place in the UK Wii U eShop chart at the time of writing.


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BenAV said:

Not too bad.
Hopefully it can keep it up, because it's such an amazing game and really deserves to sell well.



Nintenjoe64 said:

It would be hilarious if the Wii U sales turnaround started before there were that many games out for it.. I've not seen any adverts since one last November! Perhaps all the terrible publicity has made consumers aware.....

What would everybody write/tweet/troll about if Nintendo were doing fine with all their consoles?



Hunter-D said:

"What would everybody write/tweet/troll about if Nintendo were doing fine with all their consoles?"

Answer: They'll always find something to bash Nintendo. It's one of their favourite hobbies.

I'll admit, I wasn't able to get into Tri, but all that has changed now. Even though I've been busy, I was able to get around 17 hours (not much compared to some of you ) of solid gameplay on the weekend. This game has me hooked!

I hope it continues to do well, it definitely deserves to.



MAB said:

If you own a WiiU and don't have Monster Hunter then what in the bloody hell is wrong with you



Bliquid said:

"What would everybody write/tweet/troll about if Nintendo were doing fine with all their consoles?"

True gamers would be happy, since it would mean more competiton / more choices.
Haters would shut up.
Nintendo fanboys would be gloating stupidly.

But if you really wanna know what would happen, check how most of you reacted to PSVita's good sales week.

Anyway, kudos to Capcom, i hope this helps enlarge MH fanbase in the "west".



Peach64 said:

See, people will buy games when they're good. Fed up of all the comments that get posted when there's a news article about Wii U sales being poor in the UK. The fanboys start saying that UK gamers have bad taste and all that, but there's been almost nothing worth buying so far. I'm expecting Luigi's Mansion 2 to chart very well next week too, possibly top 5 (thought Bioshock Infinite should be no. 1)



Hunter-D said:

@Bliquid Hmmm, some of the reaction across websites/blogs has been quite negative let alone this website. It definitely isn't good to see, also it doesn't make sense when people are angry that Nintendo gets a lot of stick, yet when the Vita had a fantastic week in JP a lot of people just did the same thing to them.

I digress. Time to play some more MH!



Nintenjoe64 said:

@Hunter-D @Bliquid
Agreed, the stupidity is normally worse when aimed at successful consoles so if the Wii U becomes a Wii-like runaway success, people will hate on it even more.



SpaceApe said:

Overrated game that is selling just average. Sounds about right. Ain't nobody rushing out to buy a Wii U for Monster Hunter 3. That is what I expected to happen. Nintendo still trying to find a clue.



Justaguest said:

It could be a little more difficult but I still love it. This is exactly my type of game. No other game genre suits me better. Highly recommended from me.



GraveLordXD said:

At first I didn't know what to think of this game but the more time I put into it the more I like it now I just wish my Wii u would stop disconnecting me from the internet
I don't know if it's something to do with my router or not but every other WiFi device works fine seems like my Wii u is faulty... what a bummer



thepig said:

hey, uh, so this is the very first monster hunter game ive ever played and bought, and ive heard a few people say mh3 ulti is "a bit easier" than other mh3 versions. is that true and by how much easier is it?



Dreamcaster-X said:

It's a sad day when turds like Walking Dead & Aliens debuts higher than masterpieces like Monster Hunter 3, very sad indeed. Hopefully the word of mouth and the strong Miiverse community give this title legs. It's probably the best Wii U title yet and the value is staggering .



kkslider5552000 said:

Good. This is one of those japanese series that flat out deserves to be legit popular outside of Japan (instead of just beloved by parts of the internets) and should after the neverending praise it deservedly gets. Same with Fire Emblem and SMT. And this is coming from someone who isn't a fan of any of those series.




slowly but surely

besides if the ps4 and nextbox launch for any more than £400 (which is very likely) then the wii u will clean house anyway, because nobody is willing to be paying that much for consoles these days



Airola said:

Don't forget Darksiders II.
It's been a good seller at which is a UK based store. Its price has been under 20 euros for quite a while now and I've seen it getting out of stock too. There's been quite a demand for it as it has been taken back in stock and it's been their bestseller a long time now.



Balaclavab said:

I am thinking of getting this for the 3DS but......
I've already spent 170 hours (which Is a lot for me to spend on a game) on Tri on the Wii, and the 3DS version doesn't have online multiplayer (I don't have a Wii U nor will I be getting one), and the reason I loved Tri so much was it's online multiplayer, it was perhaps the only Wii game I could play and feel part of a community with.



Hairmanban19 said:

@LDXD my internet is exactly like that,i have to restart my router a few times a day and then you have to wait a few minutes!



GraveLordXD said:

@hairmanban19 what type of router do you have? This shouldn't be happening. I've read that the Wii u isn't so compatible with certain routers. I have a 5.0- 2.6 dual band netgear and it's set on the 2.6 which I hear is the stronger signal but is more substantial to interference so when I get home later I'm gonna set it to the 5.0 and see if that's helps.

Also this is only happening to my Wii u and nothing else
It's weird because sometimes I can play for hrs without being kicked then sometimes it's like every 5 min



ThumperUK said:

good start for Monster Hunter.

It would be a shame if Need for Speed doesn't sell well this week, despite Game refusing to stock any in store. Same for Lego next week, WiiU owners are starved of games (and any ads for them!)



Rei7 said:

Definitely a good start. I'm enjoying MH3U on the 3DS and since online multiplayer isn't available on it, I just got myself a Wii U today just for MH! MH is that much fun.



Dpullam said:

I'm glad that Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is getting some relatively good sales. It most certainly deserves all of the praise it has received. I have been enjoying this game quite a bit as it can be quite addictive.

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