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Goodbye Galaxy Games Reveals More Info on Color Commando

Posted by Andy Green

It's a colourful puzzle-platformer

Goodbye Galaxy Games has been one of the more prominent developers for DSiWare. It's behind titles such as Flipper 2: Flush the Goldfish and Ace Mathician — which was voted by the humble Nintendo Life staff as the best DSiWare title of 2012.

The developer announced its latest title for DSiWare, the vibrant puzzle-based platformer called Color Commando, last year. It has now released some more information on the upcoming title.

The aim of the game is to hunt for treasure, however several nasty color monsters are stopping you from doing so. To get past these colourful creatures you must collect and use paint blobs scattered about the levels. You use these blobs to paint spots in the world using the touch screen, and should an unsuspecting monster happen to come into contact with a blob that is the same colour, it will dissolve away into the spot, allowing you to pass through unharmed.

Naturally the levels will get more and more taxing as you progress and you'll certainly have to put a lot of thought into some of the puzzles. There are 5 worlds in the game, each with 4 normal levels and 1 star level. As you may have guessed unlocking the star level is done by getting all of the treasure in the other 4 levels.

Goodbye Galaxy Games is hoping to sell Color Commando for around 200 Nintendo Points, and says it should offer the average player around 2 hours of gameplay. The developer says it should be out in early 2013, which means we shouldn't be waiting long.

Hugo Smits, the man behind the game, told us a few months ago that Color Commando was developed in a "spur of the moment" and that it will likely be the last DSiWare game from Goodbye Galaxy Games.

Are you looking forward to this one? Take a look at the new trailer below and let us know what you think in the comments section.

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brandonbwii said:

GoodbyeGalaxyGames is full of good ideas. Unfortunately, that's almost all they are. Good ideas.



Windy said:

The Screenshots of this game look pretty cool. 2 bucks will be an instant buy from me. I like the artwork looks neat for a budget title



MeWario said:

Man I wish this guy got to make a Commander Keen game! Prob no accident that this game has the word Commando in it



HugoSmits said:

@Strongo9 That's the biggest insult to my games ever! My games might not be polished, long, or maybe you even downright dislike them... but they are not mediocre!

Also, a lot of problems could be solved with more money.. unfortunately the market is really bad my games are made on a avarage budget of 3000 bucks (of which I have to pay for myself, art and sound).

@MeWario You should see Flipper on 3DS



OptometristLime said:

Bad first impression of that trailer.
[Edit] oh! At first it seemed like the blobs were exploding at random. Now I geddit.

Still huge props for carrying Commander Keen's legacy onward (in name doubtless), that's where I first cut my platforming chops.



HugoSmits said:

@rayword45 3DS is extremely difficult. Because all the new features are ones that have a big impact on coding.

When you went from Game Boy Advance to Nintendo DS, all graphics programming (for 2D games) was the same as on GBA expect you needed to set everything up twice (for each screen).

Stylus input took 4 lines of code to added in.

And that where the biggest two things for the Nintendo DS.

For the 3DS, you have to use the 3D video card.. even if you want to make a 2D game with some pop-ups. And that is quite hard. If you do anything even just a little bit different you will see major frame drops.

Other new things are street-pass and better multiplayer. Both of them are
really hard to do right (as in, make something that will pass LOT-check).



rayword45 said:

@HugoSmits You don't need 3D though. Fractured Soul and Fluidity don't have 3D.

In fact from what I've heard, you open up a lot of processing power without 3D.



sinalefa said:

Color is the word I need to know I will not get it. Unless you go the Peggle way and add a mode or a way for us color blind people to play it. That is the reason I never bought any of the De Blob games.



brandonbwii said:

Oh you've decided to go through with a 3DS project, eh? Can you say which Flipper it will most resemble?



liavcol said:

I hope it wont be a cheap 2$ game... this is the only games we get to the dsiware lately



HugoSmits said:

@brandonbwii gameplay-wise it's like Flipper 1, but totally 3D.

But it will probably be a while before I will show anything off, I'm not even sure it will be completed... I have some other prototypes running also.



liavcol said:

@HugoSmits What's the point in making a lot of cheap 2$ games instead of developing a good game with a story mode and more levels or something?
This game looks great but I think I'll pass cause 'til now, all the 2$ games I bought made me disapointed.



brandonbwii said:

His $2 are "good" IMO. Just not great. The quality of games are completely subjective anyway.

Also just because Hugo charges only $2 doesn't mean anything has to be sacrificed. There's a little game called Gunman Clive that would like to speak with you.

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