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In the game there are paint monsters that consists out of one colour, if you colour over them in the same colour they cannot hurt you!

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Posted by Morgan Sleeper


Quirky, innovative puzzle-platformers are becoming something of a calling card for Goodbye Galaxy Games, and this latest release fits nicely into that oeuvre. The final panel in a DSiWare triptych that includes the Flipper series and Ace Mathician, Color...

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User Comments (3)



rayword45 said:


The gameplay description already has me impressed.

"We are aiming at the 200 Nintendo point price range. It would fit the game nicely, since the game will feature around 1,5/2 hour of gameplay in a innovating and fresh way!" with 25 levels.

Damnit Hugo, if these are the same length as Ace Mathician then I'm gonna be sad when it's over.

"The main development platform for this game is DSi-Ware, but it could also be ported to Iphone/Ipad."

If he also includes Android, double-dipping since the graphics will probably be better.



Joygame51 said:

I just might end up with this on my Dsixl If Uncle Sam (IRS TAXRETURN ) gives me a bit of $ CHA CHING soon !

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