The game in action

With the 3DS eShop continuing to expand, many would expect DSiWare to fade away; yet we're still seeing a steady flow of titles for the older platform, no doubt helped by the fact that they also see release on the 3DS equivalent. One of DSiWare's higher profile developers, however, is planning one last fling with the older platform, with Hugo Smits of Goodbye Galaxy Games telling us about his upcoming release Color Commando.

To be published by CIRCLE Entertainment, and with a hopeful price of 200 Nintendo Points, Smits decided to let us know in the "spur of the moment" that this is currently in the approval stage with Nintendo, which he hopes means that it'll come very soon. In this title there are paint monsters of a specific colour, and your job is to shoot them with the same colour: it sounds like a puzzler/shooter to us. Smits said we can expect more details in a website to launch tomorrow.

The indie developer also gave us a line about how this title came to be, explaining why this could be his last DSiWare game and the confectionery that made it all happen.

I also did not plan to make another DSiWare game, but my girlfriend was visiting family for a week (her family lives in Hungary – the piano stage of Flipper 2 is a homage to that). So I was all alone that week with some bags of M&Ms…what can you do?

With solid titles such as Ace Mathician and Flipper 2: Flush the Goldfish behind it, we're curious to see how this latest — and spontaneous — title from Goodbye Galaxy Games turns out.