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Out Now: The Cave's Exploration Begins on North American Wii U eShop

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

You have to wait until Wednesday, Europe

It's the first new download-only release on the Wii U eShop in 2013, so we thought we'd remind those of you in North America that The Cave is now available for download in your region — no need to wait for the download update on Thursday. The full game is $14.99, while Europeans will have to pay €12.99 / £9.99 when it arrives on Wednesday 23rd January. Curiously, while a demo is confirmed for the European release we can't find a free sample in the North American eShop; either it's not been uploaded yet, we can't find it, or perhaps SEGA of America hasn't prepared one for the region.

This is a puzzle platformer, for those unfamiliar so far, which asks you to pick three of seven characters with different abilities — seeing all of their stories will require multiple playthroughs. Far from being a dull cave, meanwhile, the environment transports you to a number of varied settings with challenging obstacles to overcome. Fans of PC gaming in the 1990's should also know that the man behind the game is Ron Gilbert, famous for classic point and click adventures such as the original Monkey Island games.

Judging from the extended Character trailer below, you can expect a fair share of clever puzzles and quirky humour. We are, of course, working on getting a review ready for you as soon as possible.

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Sun said:

This one looks like it's really worth the money. I can't wait for reviews.



Nareva said:

Looking forward to your review, though from what I've already heard this is a solid addition to the eShop and a definite purchase.



Placlu said:

Well it's Wednesday In Australia now... so.. Australia Thursday? I wanna get this on WiiU so I have SOMETHING to play on it, but depending on waiting for days on end, and ultimately paying more for it..



ultraraichu said:

First download-only eshop title (not counting Nov 18) that have been released on a day that's not Thursday, that I can recall. What a twist.



Shworange said:

It looks pretty good, but I'll have to get around to finishing trine 2 first. I can have two unfinished puzzle platformers laying around on the hard drive.



Svengoolie said:

Buying this is a forgone conclusion. My only question is whether I should play this tonight before getting into Ni No Kuni.



Furealz said:

I rather save funds for Toki Tori 2 though there are way to many puzzle platformers! As long as it fills the eShop, I have no prob with it?



LavaTwilight said:

OK I give... I want this... but I still think they should either release Maniac Mansion for the VC or at least re-release it with updated graphics (those as seen in this 'The Cave' would be good)!



Ryno said:

I will pick this up when they have a sale. Until then I have to many games to play.



Capt_N said:

@Sony_70: Yes, it is updated on Thursday. This kinda makes me think that
a. Some certain, or all d/l games will now be uploaded on any day( @ least in NA).
b. The publisher Sega, &/or the developer Double Fine Productions got special permission; perhaps (even) asked for/requested it.
c. Nintendo is changing the NA d/l update day.
d. The WU(Wii U) eShop might be going down for maintenance soon, & possibly Nintendo wanted to not have their current console have a "sick day" so to speak, so they have updated the eShop w/ something earlier, rather than nothing later.

Of course, this is all speculation.

As for the game itself, judging by the trailer, it looks like a physics-puzzle/platformer. I (still) don't even know if I would want a WU, as I (again, still) have yet to (actually) try one. So, for me, if I eventually do ever end up trying the console, & liking it, the system will probably have accumulated more titles I want. & I'm not too sure if I would really want this( game); maybe perhaps, but I'm not sure.



PinkSpider said:

Just watched the Review of this for the XBOX 360 IGN gave it a 7.9 and said it had really choppy frame rate. Let's hope the Wii U version fair better, but... if the Xbox version suffers does that mean the Wii U version is gonna be even worse with its frame rate as so far pretty much every game on Wii U thats on XBOX has been inferior.



bowsersblog said:

I was playing around with it last night. Playing with the twins, the hillbilly and the future spacelady. SO much fun. The puzzles are well thought out and really require the use of all three characters you choose. Even though IGN has been reporting on framerate issue, I never came across any during my play time with it on the Wii U.

I think The Cave will be a huge hit on the Wii U, judging by what people on the MiiVerse have bee saying after downloading and playing with it.



Boo_Buster said:

To those wondering why it was released today instead of the traditional Thursday, I'd say it has everything to do with the PS3 getting this today. Those who own both consoles and really want to play would have undoubtedly DL it on whatever system got it first, so Nintendo was wise to release it same day.



DrKarl said:

In my three hours of play with the Wii U version, I experienced some frame rate chop. It only occurs during area transitions, but it is quite noticeable. It has no negative affect on game play, but does make it very clear that you are going across an area transition, breaking immersion.



winter123 said:

To those who bought the WiiU version - What does the gamepad add to the experience? Is there a map or something else useful on the gamepad screen?



A1234 said:

@winter123 so far it only shows the 3 characters that you are using.

frame rate change is only when it automatically saves



Ras said:

Turned out I had a $30 balance, so I bought this. It looks good from previews (haven't loaded it up yet).

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