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Hacker Combines Game Boy, Wii Remote and Android To Create Portable Nirvana

Posted by Damien McFerran

But only if you play games which use two buttons, obviously

Retro emulation on Android isn't going to go away, regardless of how questionable and legally dubious it is. However, the exploits of a hacker by the name of alpinedelta prove that even those who resort to playing ROMs on their phone often yearn for the feel of the real thing.

alpinedelta has taken the insides of a Wii Remote and placed them into a gutted Game Boy case. Because there are apps on Android which allow you to control your phone using the Wii Remote over a Bluetooth wireless connection, the device functions just like the real thing - right down to the fact that you can't play games which use more than two buttons.

Even so, it's one of the coolest hack-jobs we've seen in a while.

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KAHN said:

yeah, but it's nice seeing how far certain people will go for stuff like this. besides, can't he use it to play emulators for other kinds of games? NES? gameboy games ? if he needs more buttons, can't he gut something with more buttons and use that instead of a gameboy?



Shiryu said:

An abomination! But an interesting one... still, you would need more button to play SNES. Perfect for Game Boy/NES/PC Engine/Master System emulation tough.



Geonjaha said:

Funny how Nintendolife doesn't condone or even allow people to talk about emulation of old games - and yet they advertise this.



BakaKnight said:

A great interesting work here made however by destroying a gameboy and a wiimote and based on emulators... I don't know if admire this guy or condemn him DX



Linkuini said:

So when you turn it on, does it display the Game Boy logo, the Wii logo, the Android logo, or the words "I should not exist" in a blood red font?



Scollurio said:

Don't make this an "emulation - is it legal" debate. I personally think if Nintendo (and the respective license holders) would just make ALL of their past games available via eShop and other legal sources for a little pocketmoney they would still earn quite a bit and all of this would be solved. Im starving for GBA/Gamecube on 3DS/Wii U...



Omega said:

The only classic thing in the article is the Gameboy. And that is broken now.



HipsterDashie said:

That's pretty cool! I wonder if it would fit my Nexus 4? This would be handy for playing other Android games - the touch controls in Sonic 4 Episode II, for example, are terrible!



bonesy91 said:

that's awesome.
but I've got a kindle now... so no fun gameboy controller for me.



SCAR said:

Speaking if mods, has anyone fit the regular Wii into the Wii Mini case yet?



Windy said:

@uXe I have a Raspberry Pi I havent hooked it up yet but im looking forward to messing with it



atariman said:


that's pretty cool I geuss. but I don't know why you would take a classic game console away from existence

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