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In Need Of A Portable Super Nintendo? Look No Further

Posted by Andy Green

All packaged in a lovely yellow case

There's been a zombie apocalypse. You're going to need a survival kit. What comes to mind? A torch? A shotgun? A cricket bat? Well Reddit user Robotairz has created possibly the best emergency gaming kit we've seen with a portable Super Nintendo, protected within a hard yellow toolbox with a screen and room for games and two controllers — should you and a friend be in an emergency situation.

According to its creator, the system is powered by lithium polymer batteries that can be charged through the mains. It can run for more than 10 hours on a single charge — that's better than the 3DS.

This isn't the first time a home console has been made portable. A few months back we reported on how the Wii U had been made into a console you can take anywhere, thanks largely to the GamePad.

If you fancy getting your hands on this portable Super Nintendo you'll be pleased to hear that it is for sale. You can make the creator an offer through Reddit's Private Message system.


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StarBoy91 said:

That middle cart is a repro cart, I notice; Paper Mario only made his debut on the Nintendo 64



Shiryu said:

A portable SNES has been my long lost dream. But one day, I will have one! Not like this, mind. Id love something that just fits in the pocket.

@RetroBrony91 It's not a reproduction cart, it is in fact just the label of a SNES flashcard called "Everdrive". I have been wanting to get one of those for a couple of years now...



Omega said:

A SNES built into a bulky yellow toolbox. Very pleasing. And it fits easily into your wallet or credit card holder.



StarBoy91 said:

@Shiryu - Everdrive? Interesting; it was the image of Paper Mario that caught my eye

Either way, it looks good, but I think I'll stick with my SNES console



Prof_Clayton said:

That's pretty cool. More of a novelty though. I'd like it because I'm a handheld kinda guy. :3



Marks said:

Awesome. Nice to know it's for sale, I would buy if I had the means.



AyeHaley said:

Might've been better to include some kind of normal battery compatability in case power goes out and your only option is raiding a store for some AA's.



SCAR said:

Meh. I've seen way better portable ones that looked like GB w/ SNES style. I'd say that disc based consoles are more impressive to mod when it comes to portability. It really comes down to whether or not you have the tools and supplies to do this IMO... It's cool, but there's been better IMO. If you have the tools, motive, time, and supplies, anyone thinking of buying this should just make their own.



Handy_Man said:

"This isn't the first time a home console has been made portable."

Yep! Like the SEGA Nomad and Hyperkin SupaBoy Portable, right?

"A few months back we reported on how the Wii U had been made into a console you can take anywhere, thanks largely to the GamePad."

That's not a handheld...



gundam00 said:

Super awesome!!! This is really well done with the foam and hardcase. I especially like the built-in screen. It needs to hold more games though. After a zombie apocalypse, I'ma need more than three games



SCAR said:

Ya, my cousin has a Sega Nomad, and that's official. Seriously though, go make your own. I can literally find SNES consoles for $5, and other devices to make this happen for $20 max. It's a good project, so go do it yourself.



Ichiban said:

This just brings up that age old question: where are the freakin Snes games on the 3ds eshop?! Talk about a wasted opportunity!!



NintendoMaster said:

The Wii U still hasn't been made portable yet, it still requires to be plugged into an outlet. Plugging a Wii U into an outlet on a train doesn't make it portable.



Handy_Man said:

@krunchykhaos Still not a handheld. Plus, unlike most console-based handhelds, which are usually practical, using the Wii U as a handheld is not practical at all, as you have to make sure there is an outlet, hope that someone doesn't steal your console while your distracted, carry around two heavy things around with the AV cables, etc.

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