When being a home console isn't enough

We never thought we'd see a Wii U treated as a portable system, but that's exactly what's happened with a keen Japanese gamer — importing a system ahead of time clearly wasn't enough on its own. The console isn't portable, of course, but on select games you don't technically need to use the TV; a power outlet is all that's really needed so that you’re ready to play most games directly on the GamePad. A Japanese blogger tested this method out on the Bullet Train on his way to work, and it proved to be successful.

For online connectivity, he used his mobile phone as a WiFi device, so it's possible to play online games such as Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, as well as accessing the Wii U's social hub, Miiverse.

Most trains and buses now have power supplies on hand, so it's possible, as demonstrated, to play Nintendo's new home console on the move. Of course we understand it's not worth the hassle if you have a half hour journey to work, but those 3-4 hour trips to a destination can be a bit of a pain, so now we know a bit of Wii U gaming is an option.

Is the extra baggage worth it for your journey, or are you happy to keep the console at home where it belongs?

[source kotaku.com]