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Nicalis Blasting onto 3DS eShop with Guxt

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Shmup from Daisuke "Pixel" Amaya, creator of Cave Story

Nicalis may have a rather questionable record of localising its download titles in all regions — mention Cave Story on DSiWare or the 3DS eShop to a European and see what happens — but it does actively seek to bring high-quality indie releases to Nintendo systems. When you consider that titles such as VVVVVV and NightSky are amongst the very best on the eShop platform, it shows that the publisher is bringing some top-notch gaming to the handheld.

The various releases of Cave Story also show that Nicalis has a fondness for Daisuke "Pixel" Amaya's games, with confirmation from Nintendo, courtesy of an eShop sizzle reel, that Ikachan will finally arrive on 3DS before the end of the year; it was previously linked with a DSiWare release. Nicalis seems to be bringing us another title from the famous indie developer, this time in the form of Guxt, a retro-themed vertical scrolling shmup that forgoes complicated power-ups in favour of the basic, simple act of flying around and shooting everything in sight. Little's known at this stage, but we assume this PC original will get the usual remaster treatment, while Nicalis man Tyrone Rodriguez has tweeted that it'll also have a vertical display option for arcade fans.

You can check out footage of the PC version below — actually a play-through, the original is evidently very short — so you can see what it's all about.

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RupeeClock said:

That's actually kinda neat that they're bringing Pixel's smaller projects to the 3DS eShop as well.

STILL, Nicalis, Nintendo, hurry up and get these out in the EU eShop as well!
For gods sake don't leave us hanging like you did with the DSiWare release, ya hear?

Edit: Oh, and did you know?
Cave Story has a more obvious reference to Ikachan with the Iron Head boss fight and Alien Medal.
But Cave Story on WiiWare with the remastered graphics has Guxt posters in a few locations.



Takosuke said:

Looks quite like Solar Striker.

15 minutes is an appropriate length of time for a shooter like this. I'd like to see some difficulty options though, let us crank it up to really brutal levels and see if it still feels like it lasts 15 minutes.



Pikachupwnage said:


Nicalis is showering us in games

Cave story
1001 spikes



RetroGBHippie92 said:

Hmmm...great, they'e probably just teasing us now, this article was just begging for me to show up. While I'll try anything Nicalis would have put out, I'm really hoping they don't break their promise of releasing Cave Story on eShop here in PAL territory. They said it's meant to be out Q4 and I still don't see it anywhere.



Knuckles said:

As much as I love the fact this is coming out in NA, Nicalis get your head straight!
My european friends want to play your games, but you won't let them buy any? Do you not like pounds/euros Nicalis?



Aqueous said:

Not normally something I would try but seeing as Pixel made it, it shall be worth a look I think.



RetroGBHippie92 said:

@Knuckles You do know that PAL also includes Australia and New Zealand right? I know it's a common mistake, but just remember in the future. I hate complaining about Nicalis, I really do and what I hate most is tweeting them and them never responding, anyone else getting the silent treatment?



SaKo said:

I guess I could say that I 'played it before it was cool'?





FonistofCruxis said:

This looks pretty good, hopefully it won't be too expensive since its such a short game but I hope Nicalis hurries up with the European release of Cave story+.



Windy said:

Um ok. Sorry but I hope they plan to upgrade that games graphics and music. I cant help but feel after watching that video that I have played that shooter many times over... Star soldier, super star soldier, soldier blade.... All great games but another clone? Really? Is this the best we can get? Whynot just open the floodgate for virtual console and port all the best pcengine shooters then that would really be somethin. Just sayin. Lastly why dont you show our UK friends some love and get them what they want...meaning cave story

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