Rayman Origins was a real cracker of a game, offering lush visuals and engaging action. It was also released across a wide range of formats - something which won't be happening with its sequel, Rayman Legends.

Speaking to Nintendo Power, level designer Chris McEntee explained why this was the case:

The possibility (for a multiplatform release) could be there, but we chose to really focus on Wii U specifically because it has a special toolset, and because everyone that buys it gets what they need to play the game.

Here you buy the Wii U system, you buy the game, and you can experience all of the content without extras. And we didn't want to give somebody half of the experience just for the sake of getting it out on another console.

So there you have it; by building Rayman Legends around the Wii U system Ubisoft has created an entirely fresh experience which can't easily be ported to other systems. It's refreshing to see a developer stick to its guns in such an assured manner, but this could turn out to be a double-edged sword - if games on Wii U require a lot of unique development to ensure the GamePad is used as much as possible, it could result in a lack of third party support - a situation which impacted the Wii before it.

Do you think the Wii U's unique toolset is going to enable it to stand out from the crowd, or could it means less multiformat releases? Sound off in the comments section below.

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